• Soooo? How are the resolutions going? Are you making progress toward your goals?

    “Hypnosis Season” is in full gear and our office has been full of people choosing to make the hypnotic arts a part of their action plan toward change, a “short cut” that accelerates them to their goals. If you find yourself stuck, its likely that you are repeating some unconscious loops that are blocking your progress. We can help you escape the loop and get moving forward again.

    Offering FREE and low cost recordings, groups, classes and consultations-come learn more! This month, our FREE Meet Up is “Enhancing Worthiness: Hypnosis and Life Mastery”, and in March we will be offering “Lucky You: The Art of Anchoring: HYPnosis and Life Mastery”. For $25.00 you can get a set of our affiliates’ “A New You Hypnopack”, a great way to be introduced to hypnosis. Our quarterly presentation of the 1-Day, “paradigm shifting”, SELF-HYPNOSIS CLASS is February 17th, there are only a few seats left. The new Goddess SalonTraining is off to a wonderful start and we are recruiting for the next presentation, so reserve your seat NOW. Lastly-The Hypnosis Education Association of Florida is holding their 1-Day Spring Conference, March 10th and it’s happening right here in Oldsmar! Anyone with an interest in hypnosis can attend, come on hypno-play day with us!

    Helping Accelerate a Happier, Healthier You- Tamera
  • Dick boasted while he ate a large slice of cake- “I didn’t need hypnosis to quit smoking, I quit through shear will power!”


    Now his “will power” may have stopped the smoking habit but apparently Dick had picked up another habit-eating!  For that matter, his finger nails were looking like what he fed on, when food was not available. To give Dick’s “will power” credit, that was some mighty powerful change but perhaps, not in the ways Dick had thought.

    It was immediately clear that he had a very determined mind; determined to CHANGE THE WAY HE FELT-SOMEHOW. That same determined mind was completely capable of ignoring the obvious, namely the 50 extra pounds he was carrying around his midline and the connection between all of this and having stopped smoking. Talk about some powerful Self-Hypnosis!

    Habits-whether thoughts, feelings and/ or behaviors- are not necessarily good or bad, they are just useful or not useful. You are your habits.


    And habits do change-think about it, you have been changing habits your whole life!


    And they change quickly, and easily, when your unconsciously held beliefs and values are in line with your consciously held goals. BUT when the unconscious has another agenda... well, “will power” alone is often not enough or ignores the deeper needs the habit was intended to address.

  • January 12th, Acupuncture and herbal Therapies

    It’s New Year Resolution time again and most of us already know that "resolution making" is the easy part of change. Deciding what you want (what you resolve to do) is important, clarity about your goals is Step #1 in making any change.

    Step #2-Implementing those resolutions in a way that can be maintained, without a lot of suffering, that is the "hard part".

    But change can be easy, resolutions can be met, when you have the right tools. We will share some tips on making changes that work,  by "hacking" your unconscious with techniques from the  hypnotic arts and offer a trance to support such changes...

    Join us! You can register here!
  • Thursday, September 8th, 7-8:30pm, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    Benjamin Franklin, said in a 1789 letter that “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” These days, it seems death and taxes, and even the constitution itself are all subject to change.

    In fact, CHANGE is really one of the few things that IS CERTAIN. A function of entropy...Whether it comes to find you, or you go out to seek it, change is going to happen. The CERTAIN problem with CHANGE of course, is that it creates UNCERTAINTY and UNCERTAINTY CREATES STRESS.

    Join us for a discussion about managing and growing through times of change. Our trance for the evening will focus on releasing outdated beliefs  about “change” and sowing a few more resourceful seeds along the way.

    You can register for this free community workshop at our Facebookor directly through Meet Up.

  • In keeping with outr theme of "Personal Revolutions", this month's featured trance from our Hypnosis Download Affiliate is all about exploring new ways of being and wht we KNOW is that exploring alternatives is the begining of intentional CHANGE and GROWTH.!top100

    Hypnosis can help you escape your pigeon-hole, climb out of your rut and reinvent yourself in surprising ways Have you been feeling that's time for a real change in your life, but not sure how to go about it? Do you feel constrained and limited by the expectations of other people?

    Whether you do what you do because it's what you've always done, or because it's what people ‘expect' of you, you can end up dissatisfied. Is this all there is to life? Is this the end of your potential?

    Is it really possible to recreate and reinvent yourself?

    Of course, as soon as you start to think about this, your common sense tells you that there is no end to life's possibilities. You can consciously think up any number of things that you could be doing, or ways that you could be as a person, all quite different from what you do now. But when it comes to making any of these alternatives real, you might understandably hesitate.

    What would it be like to do X? How would my family or friends or colleagues react if I started being Y? Would I really enjoy it? Would they all disown me? Would I know who I am any more? These are unsettling questions, and sometimes we get so unsettled by them that we just put them aside and continue as before. At least we know what we'll get from that.

    But the fact that you're reading this page indicates, at the very least, that some dissatisfaction with your status quo is eating at you. Maybe the way people have ‘always' labeled you is chafing. Maybe you harbor a secret dream that you long to fulfill. Maybe you just want to see what you can do when you put your mind to it. But how do you go about making a potentially major change like that?

    Hypnosis can make it so much easier to change your life R

    einvent yourself is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists with an in-depth understanding of the way humans really grow and develop. As you let yourself get carried away into deep trance, you'll discover that;

    • you can safely and fully explore alternative realities you can experience different ways of being and ‘try them on for size' you can ‘test' what you want to do and ‘walk through' the results

    when you've decided what you want to do, you can rehearse how that will be until you feel really ready to make a start you really can change your life

    Download Reinvent yourself and look forward to enjoying life in a whole new way.

  • In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will explore your unconscious mind and learn powerful techniques for tapping into its unlimited potential to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Tools for rewiring unwanted reactions and for harnessing your mind’s natural creative forces will be explained and practiced.

    Want to discover ways to have a happier, healthier you?

    This workshop is for you!

    Your current reality is the cumulative result of your habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When you think something often enough, it becomes a belief; often a hidden belief, that you no longer even realize that you have. They have become “automatic”. These automatic habits are fine-until they are no longer working for your benefit and become obstacles to a happy life.

    For some of us, our automatic habits of thought, feeling and behaviors seem to be running our lives and we “react” in ways we wish we could change. Stress, anxiety, discouragement, self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors have become the norm. Just about everyone has something they wish they could do differently.

    If you could change anything, what would you change about yourself?

    This workshop will teach you to explore and adjust those automatic habits right where they began, and right where they live: in your creative unconscious mind.

    Using proven tools of the most contemporary neuroscience, such as meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis, you will learn how to re-wire your own mind to better:

    • Reduce anxiety, sadness and unproductive stress.
    • Breakthrough states of “stuck-ness”.
    • Improve resiliency and control in handling difficult emotions.
    • Develop connections to your own powerful, positive internal resources and harness them to create more success, motivation, focus, optimism, and confidence in your life.
    • Change unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors easily and permanently.
    • Improve relationships with self, family, friends, clients, peers.
    • Clarify your purpose, passion and deepest values.

    "If you are Ready for Change...Change Your Mind, Your Life Will Follow"

    Held at : Touchstone Studios, 926 16th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Next Class: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 from 9am-4pm.

    $100.00 per person. $25.00 OFF 2 or more registrations, or $25.00 OFF Military/Family Members.

    Seats are limited to 7.

    Register via MeetUp or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    "It’s like finally getting the “Owner’s Manual” to your own mind."

  • “Responsibility” is such a loaded word. For a lot of us, it almost has the feel of a “heavy yoke” to it, something to be avoided. It seems a lot easier to blame someone or something else for our challenges and suffering. But such blame is a self-limiting belief.

    The truth is, you can only be FREE if you are willing to accept responsibility for the reality in which you find yourself today. Once you accept responsibility, you are FREE to choose a different reality. If you are happy, anchor that in and you will only have more. If you are not happy, take responsibility for it and you are FREE to change it.

    The hypnotic arts offer a lot of tools to foster that freedom. We have upcoming free Hypnosis events on “A Prosperity Mindset”, “The Emotional Freedom Technique”, and “Ending Perfectionism”. We also have upcoming“Intro” classes for newbies , our quarterly 1 day-”Mind Mastery-Self Hypnosis” class, as well as a links to local and state hypnosis related events. We share links to an amazing BBC program if you are looking for models in manifesting prosperity and an audio on“The Secret of the Abundance Mentality Mindset”.

    May you manifest a safe and abundant summer. tamera

    -The GODDESS SALON (Women Only)-If you are interested, please join the wait list, if we get enough Goddess Sisters in Waiting, I will figure something out. This group is amazing, fun and empowering, and I just want to share it with everyone I can. ""Class Session #5-The Art of Flirting through “Turning On”.

    FREE:Looking for models on overcoming adversity to create abundance? Be inspired...BBC Series CHANGING FORTUNES: Wealth Without Borders.

    -FREE: CALLING LOCAL PRACTITIONERS, Licensed and Vocational-you folks are always asking if I can start a PRACTICE GROUP. Well now I don’t have to. Erick Kand wanted to get some hypno-play dates together. Nothing builds your confidence, skill and professionalism like a group of peer hypno-junkies. Come play with us!

    -CALL FOR PRESENTERS: Our March Hypnosis Education Association of Florida Conference was absolutely beautiful and because Time IS marching on, we are already beginning the call for hypnosis presenters for our 2-day fall Conference in Orlando. Got something hypnosis related you want to share? Join us!

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