Find the Weight your body deserves-and stay there!

“Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight” Harvard Medical School psychotherapist Jean Fain, Oprah Magazine.

You know what to do to lose weight, so why can’t you just do it? Or maybe you are one of the millions who CAN lose weight but find yourself right back where you began, or worse, with a few more pounds than before, feeling like you are losing the “war”?

Put simply, all the diet and exercise programs in the world are not going to change what really needs to be changed in order for you to attain, and maintain, a healthier body. What needs to change is the unconscious programs and habits you have around food, around weight, and around your identity as a whole. Hypnotherapy addresses all of these issues quickly and effectively-allowing you to step into a new you- as a person with a healthy body-who just naturally makes choices that contribute to that healthy body. For the rest of your life.

With Hypnotherapy we can:

  1. Improve stress management; a major contributor to poor eating habits, binging, emotional eating, poor sleep (which disrupts metabolism) etc.
  2. Encourage healthier habits: reduce cravings, end cravings, food addictions, increase desire for healthier food options, motivation to move the body, etc.
  3. Enhance motivation; developing healthy weight management as an automatic valued lifestyle choice-learn to “think healthy”, and let it just becomes “who” you are. (ex. change what a “treat” means to you)
  4. Maintain a Positive Future paced vision of the goal-which selectively reinforces that goal since, you DO get more of whatever you focus on. Further, motivation toward a goal is more sustained than motivation away from something you do not want.
  5. Clear unconscious programming that may be sabotaging weight management goals. Examples include: “clean plate club”; “survival of the fattest” and deprivation mindsets; food as “love”; weight as “safety”, eliminating the concept of “relapse”...etc.
  6. Address the emotional aspects of eating. Many people eat to “feel better”, they reach for food when they feel sad, anxious, lonely, bored, etc. Hypnotherapy addresses core emotional triggers for eating and self-sabotage, replacing these with feelings of pride, empowerment and positive self-esteem.
  7. Accelerate/ Modify physiological responses-Hypnosis can literally change things that are happening in the body; we can increase metabolism and energy levels, dropping resistant pounds, change the ways taste are perceived, or change the way the brain perceives the gut through a hypnotic gastric-bypass, etc.

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