Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

And Hypnosis Myths

The history of hypnosis is almost as old as man himself; it has been called many things, has roots in many disciplines and has been observed in almost all cultures. While hypnotic phenomena have always been real and observable, our opinions of it have always been subject to our ability (or inability) to understand and explain it. Even today, what hypnosis actually "is", and how it works, remains a topic of hot debate in professional circles.


Hypnosis is NOT the myth that Hollywood, the media and entertaining stage hypnotists continue to present. After all, they have a financial interest in maintaining the "mystery" of hypnosis.

The truth is, there is a growing body of clinical evidence that is de-mystifying the mechanisms of hypnosis and related therapies. There is also a growing body of research that is documenting the efficiency and efficacy with which they can alleviate human suffering and increase our experiences of living a full and contented life.

Both of these are worthwhile goals, wouldn't you agree? So let's explore some of the myths, loose the hype, and talk about what these states can do for you and how they do it.

Myth #1) A Hypnotist has special powers and will put me under their control.

First of all-No one can make you cluck like a chicken. The facilitator of hypnosis has no special powers over you, though they should have special skills and training. No hypnotist can "control" your mind and you will not do things you would not normally do, unless you really wanted to do them deep down inside in the first place (some folks really do want to cluck).

Myth #2) Only the "weak minded" or gullible can be hypnotized.

In fact the truth is quite the opposite; only people with a sound and cooperative mindset can be hypnotized. All hypnosis is "self-hypnosis" and your ability to focus your attention, use your imagination, follow instructions, your motivation and genuine willingness to participate, are the real predictors of your success with these techniques.

Hypnosis is a skill, and most people have some capacity for it. Like all other skills, hypnosis is a skill you can learn and develop with tremendous results, positively influencing your own behavior, feelings, thoughts and performance.

Myth #3) Many people cannot be hypnotized. I cannot be hypnotized.

Not true. 90% of all people can enter a hypnotic state. In fact, Hypnotic-like phenomena occur everyday, yes even to you! Most of us have had the experience of "highway hypnosis", we arrive at our destination (or pass our exit) without having actually paid attention to driving. The conscious, "critical" thinking part of your mind goes "somewhere else" and your subconscious mind takes over.

A few people say that they "have tried and cannot be hypnotized"; they may have been in a situation where their anxieties about the process could not be properly addressed.

Myth #4) You might never "wake up" or might get "stuck" in hypnosis.

This is simply not possible. At worst, you might fall asleep. Think back to the experience of "highway hypnosis". If needed, you can snap your attention back into gear (pardon the pun) to avoid an accident. Your conscious, critical mind is always present, and you are always in full control of your experiences and goals.

Myth #5) You might be made to do or say things you would not ordinarily do, you might be made to commit a crime or go against your moral principles, you might "remember" things that are not true, you might tell your deepest secrets.

Hypnosis is partly defined by its heightened state of "suggestibility". Creative imaginings and post-hypnotic suggestions are a real phenomena and tools of the trade. But just like the "clucking like a chicken", you can not be made to say or do things you do not really want to do or goes against your moral values. If you really do not want share a "secret", you will not. There are no "Manchurian Candidates".

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