End Addictions with Hypnosis.

You want to quit...but a part of you can’t.

Will power alone is not always enough and even if it were, there is no value in suffering your way through it. You do not have to go it “white knuckled” or roller coaster your way through a cycle of success and relapse.

It is much more important that you be successful in letting go of your addictions-whatever they are- and hypnotic approaches can make that much easier, quicker, and successful in the long term.

Smoking cessation is, of course, the number one addiction most people associate with hypnosis, and for good reason…


IN fact, hypnosis can help with the endless list of things people can become addicted to, or which people abuse.

  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • sex
  • food
  • relationships
  • work
  • control

With substances, physical addiction can be a factor and should be addressed. For example, though not nearly as physically addictive as the makers of nicotine replacement programs would like you to believe, nicotine is physically addictive and it can be uncomfortable physically as you go through the body’s withdrawal process (for nicotine-usually 72 hours or less).

But lets face it-once the symptoms of any physical addiction are addressed it is REALLY THE BEHAVIORAL and the EMOTIONAL ADDICTION that is so challenging. Once the physical addiction is addressed, the only place an addiction lives is in the mind and the mind is what the hypnotic arts are all about!

Now, no one can make you quit whatever it is you are addicted to or are abusing.

But if a part of you wants to quit whatever it is you are addicted to or are abusing; then find the tools that make it the easiest for you to be successful.

Whether it is the only tool you need, or just one tool in your toolbox of recovery, Hypnosis is a very powerful tool.

You will develop better stress management for life, more sustainable motivation to live healthier, as well as direct re-programming of habituated patterns of “thinking, feeling and doing” around triggers for the addiction and cravings.

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