How do you hypnotize people?

Just as the act of staring at the road can cause "highway hypnosis", a skilled Hypnotist will use, and teach you, a variety of techniques (inductions) to help relax your conscious mind. As the conscious mind "steps to the side" , you will be assisted to direct your attention on a focused inner experience called a hypnotic "trance", hypnotic "state" or "hypnosis".

What exactly is hypnoTHERAPY?

The use of hypnosis to effect changes in a person's thinking, feeling, beliefs or behavior. Learn more about how hypnosis and counseling work, visit Subconscious and Change.

How does it feel to be hypnotized?

Most people report it as very pleasurable and come to look forward to their next session. Think again of "highway hypnosis" or that feeling just before you fall asleep. Your mind is relaxed, yet alert and focused. Sessions usually end with positive feelings that carry over to your everyday life.

To learn more about what hypnosis is, and the hypnotic experience (FREE audio) visit What IS Hypnosis?.

Will I remember what happened after I've been hypnotized?

Yes, you will remember everything, you'll even be reminded that you can remember everything as the session closes. Stage hypnotist will sometimes suggest that a hypnotized person "forget" something; those people will later tell you they remember being told to "forget" and chose to cooperate with the suggestion. To explore some of the most common myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, visit the Hypnosis FAQ.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Almost everyone has some level of hypnotic skill. If you have challenges achieving a hypnotic state, a good therapist can help you to move past this. Learn more at Choosing a Therapist.

Is hypnotherapy Right for Me?

Interested in exploring whether counseling or hypnotherapy might be a solution for your particular situation? To learn more about Tam's experience, training, credentials visit About the Therapist - About Tampa Bay Hypnotherapy.

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