Get the Love you Deserve.

How are your relationships with your children, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your community? How is your relationship with yourself?

  • Are you having trouble finding, keeping or blossoming with someone special?
  • Do you find yourself repeating patterns relationship conflict, disappointment, rejection?
  • Has your heart been broken, your trust been violated, or have you lost faith in the game of love?
  • Are you having problems “keeping the love alive” in a relationship you already have?

We are social beings, and the great majority of us are hardwired to spend considerable time and energy being in relationships with others. We begin learning about relationships before we ever learn to speak, or anything else for that matter.

We learn these things deeply and without question as children...BUT What have your relationships taught you?

The unfortunate truth is, most of us have had relationships that have taught us to create walls between ourselves and others. Traumas, both large and small, happen in every life and we learn things from them. Whether it is abuse, a playground bully, a mom who constantly worried and told you all about that when you were 5...

-Many of us are loaded with unconscious messages of shame, guilt, unworthiness, mistrust or other fear based emotions. Sometimes we just have “bad information”, or even ideas that USED TO WORK BUT DO NOT WORK ANYMORE and we are in need of “updating” the way we unconsciously at ourselves, others, the world, life, etc.

Most of us are “emotionally reactive”, and easily triggered into thoughts or behavior that destroys trust, connection, love and relationships. The question, most often, is not really whether we are “reactive” but to “what degree are we reactive”?

The first step to more meaningful, more satisfying, more committed relationships is to become a less reactive, more emotionally grounded, resilient, self-reliant individual yourself-FIRST.

Hypnotherapy helps heal traumatic experiences, and the messages you took from them, that may be blocking you from having what you want most.

Hypnotherapy will also help you identify those things you most want in relationships; rapidly address any emotional, psychological or skill-based barriers you have faced in attaining those relationships, and help move you forward in satisfying one of the most human needs of all; the desire to love, and to be loved, while being who you most authentically are.

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