We are ALL creatures of habit.

  • Our brains are wired to solve problems and to quickly learn associations so that, everytime we have THAT problem (or one like it) we can to “run” our solution-like default- over and over.
  • Our minds like the comfort of knowing what to do and when to do it.
  • This leaves more mental energy for the “other stuff” in life.

Habits of thinking, feeling and acting are a part of life and we ALL have them.

  • For example, most of us find a route to get to work or school everyday, and we do not ever think about it as long as it works for us.
  • Thank goodness our brains learn so quickly, and so thoroughly.
  • Imagine if you had to figure out that route everyday! You would never get anything else done!

Habits Are Automatic

  • Habits have a function, they accomplish a goal, even if the goal is just to “feel better”.
  • habits are “automatic”; they are tied to a stimulus (e.g getting in the car to go to work) and simply play out unless they are interrupted.
  • And pretty much, we do it over and over until...for some reason...we can’t or don’t want to anymore.
  • Sometimes we just outgrow a habit naturally, and sometimes we need help to change them.

For example, a small child may feel very reassured when they suck their thumb. Many people who sucked their thumbs for self-soothing as a child, will drop this behavior as they mature. Some people do not, and are still thumb sucking, even as an adult, even if they know the behavior is long past being appropriate.

The positive intention of the behavior is still being met on a unconscious level.

Maybe they have substituted thumb sucking for food, for smoking, for nail biting, for playing with their own hair...you name it, people create all kinds of habits to accomplish self-soothing.


  • By addressing the unconscious needs and learning, Hypnosis offers a quick, and effective way to break unhealthy or unwanted habits and to establish a healthier new ones.
  • You will develop new ways to meet the old needs, or maybe even drop the old needs altogether.

We genuinely care about your success.

  • Expect a minimum of three sessions for most behavioral change work.
  • This includes three (3) customized sessions and reinforcement recordings.

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