No, we can’t hypnotize your child into “behaving” the way you might like them to behave but we can help when the CHILD/YOUNG ADULT WANTS SOMETHING TO CHANGE.

  • Introducing your child to hypnotic practices helps them learn to reduce their own stress in healthy ways.
  • This ability to self soothe helps your child gain mastery of their OWN emotions; a vital skill that has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies to enhance long term outcomes such as educational and income levels, marital satisfaction, parenting skills and overall happiness in life.

Children as young as 4, and up into college

  • Children as young as 4, and up into college, can benefit from guided imagery and hypnotic suggestions to improve any number of conditions (e.g. bed wetting, nightmares, obsessive behaviors or tics, stuttering, phobias and anxieties, trauma resolution, etc.).
  • Hypnosis is also highly regarded for its ability to rapidly improve performance: some examples include: enhancing focus, improving impulse control, study skills, social skills and confidence, test taking or performance enhancement in sports, the arts or any other area of achievement.

Young People Like Hypnosis

  • Young people like hypnosis because it is usually different than other things they may have tried and it puts them in control.
  • Hypnosis with young people is often more passive than traditional therapies and engages a very creative part of themselves.
  • They are often quite amazed at their own hypnotic ability and are eager to do such things for themselves.
  • Occasionally, the whole family may be invited in to do some work together so that the trance work can be supported by everyone in the family system.

Resolve Trauma

  • If your child has experienced a known trauma, hypnosis affords us some very quick but gentle techniques for resolving trauma in a healthy way without re-traumatizing the child.

Tampa Bay Hypno-Therapy LLC

Tampa Bay Hypno-Therapy LLC is owned and operated by a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and welcomes collaborative and consulting relationships with other providers who may be working with your child. Tamera L. Fontenot, LMHC also offers traditional counseling and coaching sessions.

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