Rapidly Overcome Phobias, Fears and Anxiety.

The human brain is designed to pay attention, very close attention, to things that it INTERPRETS as dangerous. When our brains perceive danger, we enter into a state known as “fight or flight” and quickly takes in all the details of the situation, so that we remember to avoid this danger in the future. If the brain thinks it is dangerous enough...we might even experience a state known as “panic” or “anxiety”. These two scientific facts are the keys to understanding fears and phobias.

You see, it is NOT SO MUCH THE THING WE FEAR that is inherently dangerous. After all, what one person fears, another may deliberately seek out for excitement (think of a roller coaster)-BUT it is OUR INTERPRETATION of these things that matters the most. Whether or not that thing is truly deserving of such a response, all you know is that in certain situations you feel gripped by a feeling of fear so strong you are practically paralyzed.

Perhaps you are aware of a particular phobia that is slowly making life feel uncomfortable; you have to make minor, but embarrassing or inconvenient adjustments to not encounter the the thing you fear (planes, bugs, closed spaces, open spaces, vomit, you name it, someone has a phobia of it!). Or maybe your fear has ballooned into panic attacks that slowly choke you out of your life as you work to avoid those things about which you are fearful. Anxiety attacks, that is having anxiety about the possibility of an panic attack, can soon follow. For many, it is a generalized state of fear and anxiety that follows them all through their life.

No matter the source or the degree of fear you are experiencing, the good news is that:

Hypnotherapy offers techniques for rapidly and permanently reducing the emotional responses associated with phobias, fear, panic and anxiety.

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