What to Expect in Your Hypnosis Session


You can expect your first session to be 1.5-2 hours in length. It will include some information gathering, completion of any paperwork, and should answer any remaining questions you may have about the process. You will clarify your goals, discuss what changes you would like to see and craft suggestions before beginning a hypnosis experience.

For some people, hypnosis may be all of the work they do in counseling. For others, hypnosis may be just a small part of the counseling process, and for still others, formal hypnosis may not be a part of the plan at all.

For most people though, hypnotherapy begins by cultivating their current level of hypnotic skill through an "induction".

After achieving a state of hypnosis, positive suggestions, affirmations and images are presented repeatedly and directly to the subconscious in a way that can be accepted by you in the most beneficial way.

These suggestions may be presented as statements, ("You are now and forever a non smoker..."), imagery ( "See yourself at your ideal weight") or as metaphors ("Remember the Story of the Ugly Duckling?").

The more consistent these suggestions are with what you already believe, the more powerfully they can move you in making the desired shifts.

A skilled hypnotist, will individually craft suggestions that are tailored to the way YOU already think, the unique way YOU process your world and those aspects of YOUR PERSONALITY that positively motivate YOU toward success.

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You will often be provided a personalized recording (CD or Mp3 file) and most likely will be encouraged to practice self hypnosis using that recording. Repetition being the best teacher, you will benefit the most if you listen to your recording as discussed with your therapist.

For many people, there can be significant, meaningful change in only one or two sessions.

Of course, exact results can never be guaranteed by any practitioner, and realistically we know that some material needs more time and depth. So, while many people attain their goals in just one or two visits, it is not uncommon to have several visits when making major changes.


In situations where it is called for, hypnotic communications may include more sessions and advanced clinical strategies , such as those used to resolve trauma or more deeply ingrained habits and beliefs.

Working with a Licensed Professional affords you some flexibility that the style and techniques used will be appropriate to your needs. Visit "How to Choose a Therapist" for more information about finding the right practitioner.

You determine when your goals are met. Most people find the experience of hypnosis to be very relaxing and pleasant, even when they are dealing with very difficult personal material and very quickly come to look forward to sessions.

More importantly, many people quickly develop an appreciation for the power of hypnosis to change their lives for the better. It is not uncommon for people to begin to identify new goals to address with their developing hypnotic skills.

You are invited to enjoy a brief, pleasant hypnotic experience by listening to a free audio clip called simply The "5 Breath Relaxation Exercise". A simple induction is followed by suggestions to feel calm and peaceful while attaching that feeling to the act of taking five simple breaths. You can use this exercise to bring increased feelings of calm to anything in your day, starting right now!

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