Good For You!!

You are thinking about finally giving up smoking once and for all-GOOD FOR YOU!! Now the challenge is to figure out the BEST TOOLS to make that happen and YES HYPNOSIS CAN HELP YOU STOP SMOKING.

  • Just as it has helped thousands before you, but it is important to understand some truth about how hypnosis helps.
  • Smoking, or any tobacco product, or really any habituated behavior, has served a useful purpose in your life until now.
  • No matter how crazy it seems, some part of you has thought that smoking was a good idea; whether to manage your stress, manage your emotions, take a break, to fit in, whatever....

There comes a time in some people’s lives though, when the benefits of this behavior, begin to be outweighed by the costs.

It’s time to quit but it seems hard.

  • It’s not the nicotine that makes it hard.
  • Even for heavy smokers, the truth is that nicotine withdrawal symptoms are short lived and can be managed by nicotine replacement therapies.
  • No, it’s the BEHAVIOR that you are ADDICTED TO and this CAN BE CHANGED with HYPNOSIS.
  • In trance states, we address the part of you that has developed and maintains this behavior, help it stand firm in your reasons for quitting, and offer better alternatives that make it easy to step into a NEW YOU.


  • Lots of folks will make you lots of promises about what hypnosis can do to help you quit. Please know that for some people a single session may do the trick.
  • Even large group sessions do have some success.
  • And there are many hypnosis recordings available, including those we make available on this site, that are all people need to get started.

We genuinely care about your success.

  • If those approaches do not work for you or you would rather just find the “right tool-right now”, then consider individual work.
  • Our smoking protocol, as with any behavioral change, includes three (3) customized sessions and includes reinforcement recordings.
  • We'll amp up your motivation, teach you better ways to manage your stress, and facilitate all of your mind to be on board with the plan.
  • You will pick your quit date, and have a one year “guarantee” to return for a session if you need to.

Insurance Reimbursement

  • In some situations, your insurance company may reimburse you for smoking cessation through hypnosis, and you might consider talking with your tax professional to determine if you can count it as a health related deduction.

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