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Our life experiences teach us things that become deeply embedded in our unconscious minds; we all have our “stories”, some of them very hard, some of them not so hard. From these experiences, we learn consequent “lessons” -that is thoughts, beliefs and values that we tell ourselves and come to believe as absolute truths; ideas about who we are (our identity), about other people (and how we should interact with them), about the world, about living, and most importantly, ideas about what is, or is not, possible for us.

These unconsciously held beliefs, values, thoughts and stories are our “default” settings, the lenses through which we see the world. Unquestioned-these same thoughts, stories, beliefs and values determine the quality of our lives, by dictating-(outside of our conscious awareness)-what aspects of the world we allow ourselves to experience moving forward.

These lessons tend to be self-fulfilling; so that for example, if you learned through earlier experiences that “persistence pays off” when you have a goal, you will tend to persevere toward your goals, and the lesson is reinforced every time your persistence pays off.

These lessons can also be self-limiting; for example, if your experience taught you that you “can’t win” no matter how hard you try, you are more likely to quit before you ever get started. Consequently, will also reinforce the belief that you “can’t win” because, once again, as you have now proved to yourself, you will not win, since you quit before you got to the goal. These self-limiting beliefs are usually created through through experiences with authority, through repetition or through trauma (both large and small).

So, what stories are you telling yourself? Do the beliefs and values you have taken from your experiences in life, serve you well, are you satisfied with your life?

Or have you become aware that the way you are doing things is no longer serving you, that the stories you hold, that your beliefs or values are not moving you forward toward your goals or worse, are directly limiting you from having those things you want?

Many people wake up to their self-limiting beliefs when something hard happens in their life...a loss, an illness, a dramatic change in their circumstances. You don’t have to wait for a “wake up call”, some people just know that something inside them has to change in order for them to get what they want from life.

You are not a “victim”, life and the world are not out to get you, and in fact, you have tremendous power inside you-to change, to grow, and to manifest whatever it is you most truly desire. YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS and you deserve a life you are more satisfied with. Hypnotherapy tools allow rapid resolution of those self-limiting beliefs and foster an positive update to those stories, thoughts, beliefs or values, getting you unstuck, so you can delve deeply into all the richness of life you know is out there.

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