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A FREE open, safe community group for people interested in, or just curious about, anything related to hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness (non spiritual) meditation, emotional freedom techniques and other mind-body approaches to improve quality of life for themselves or others.

Led by a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotist, the intention of the group is to provide a forum for community education about the use of these modalities to improve stress management, motivate healthy choices, improve skills, optimize performance, and to better manage emotional and physical challenges.

Professional Practitioners and the general public are welcomed.

Personal Development Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month from 7-8:30 pm in a South Pinellas location (check Meet Up for deatils). Introductory Courses to learn about Hypnosis, its history and uses, are offered the first Tuesday of every other month. Both FREE MEET UPs include an open forum, a presentation on some related subject and often, an optional group trance experience.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

No matter what the current status of your health may be, you may already have discovered that there are things you can do that make you feel worse. Did you also know that there are things you can do to make your health better? What you think and do concerning your health matters. So would you like to learn to take more control over your well-being?

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body is a 6 week course designed to put you in charge of your own health and to empower you to get more control over your symptoms. In this class, you will learn powerful tools to influence your mental, physical and emotional health.

75% to 90% of doctor's visits are for stress-related complaints. Excessive stress and an overactive stress response have a negative impact on health, in a variety of ways. When the body is in stress mode, all its resources are directed to avoiding danger, even if the danger is in the mind. Worry about health, fear about the future, sadness from the past, anger about the boss: all these are mental but cause real physical stress responses just as much as if there were a tiger in the room. The human body was not designed to stay stuck in a stress response for long periods of time. It is only when the relaxation response kicks in that the body can begin to recover and heal properly.

In Healthy Mind, Healthy Body you will learn and practice easy techniques for interrupting the stress cycle and increasing calm and relaxation. Learning to break cycles of pain or stressful behaviors will dramatically improve your sense of well-being and allow your body to expend its energy on healing.

If you have spent much time at all in doctors’ offices, you know that the days of being able to turn your healthcare decisions over to someone else are long gone. In today’s healthcare system, we all need to be active participants in making decisions about our care. To that end, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body will inform you of a wide variety of complementary tools to help you become proactive in improving your health.

Topics such as meditation, acupuncture, exercise and nutrition will be covered along with the data that show when and how they can provide a benefit to your well-being. We will explore a variety of physical, mental and emotional systems for supporting healing that can be used alongside conventional treatments. You will become better informed and equipped to become the manager of your healthcare team.

Our mission is to empower you with information, techniques and tools for taking back power over your health. What have you got to lose? Contact us today and begin your journey of healing.

This 6-session, experiential course is offered Quarterly. $299.00USD. Please contact us for the next available offerings.

Here's my source for the 75% to 90% statistic: http://www.webmd.com/balance/stress-management/effects-of-stress-on-your-body

Mastering Your Emotions, and Your Life


""It’s like finally getting the “Owner’s Manual” to your own mind."

  • Meditation Training teaches you principals and skills of meditation practices, to reduce stress and increase your ability to handle all kinds of discomfort; emotional, psychological or physical, old or new.
  • Mindfulness is a powerful means of developing increased awareness and appreciation of the "here and now", a skill that has been clinically proven to improved management of our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Mindfulness is easily learned and results in better mental,emotional, relational and physical health. But why stop there?
    • Self-Hypnosis is easy to integrate into meditative practices, so that you begin giving your unconscious new, positive directions that easily move you forward to whatever goals you might have.

    This is a 6-session, experiential course that introduces you to the daily practice of more balanced living that is practical and achievable in your real life today, no matter how busy it is. $299.00 USD.

    Offered Quarterly, please contact us for the next available offering.

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