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Pre-Recorded hypnosis sessions can be a cost effective approach to making change in your life. It is important to understand that pre-recorded work is meant to be very general. Think of pre-recorded work as being the same as checking to make sure there is gas in a car that's not working. Start with the simple and obvious, and least invasive, intervention first. Sometimes you may need a little more personalized attention-thats a great time to call us-when you need to have a good "mind mechanic" help you get past the hood to look at the “engine” with a little more depth.

Now, not all pre-recorded hypnosis is equal. Having spent a few years studying what is widely available on the internet, we have settled on affiliate programs that we can support because of the quality of their work. If you should have any problem with any of the affiliates we have for you, please let us know.

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