It was recently reported that most Americans experience at least 50 episodes EVERY DAY of the “stress response” or the “fight or flight” response or as it is more commonly known, anxiety.

  • These are physically hyper-aroused states in which the body floods itself with all kinds of stress chemicals to get ready for something dangerous.
  • Another study found that almost 63% of the patients presenting to physicians were experiencing symptoms that could be directly traced to stress, poor health care choices in response to stress, or whose symptoms are significantly worsened by stress.
  • There are even some calling stress and anxiety “THE DIS-EASE of the 21st Century”.

We live in a world bombarded by stimuli

  • We face stressful situations from the moment we get up
  • We are overwhelmed internally and externally by toxins and get to hear about it all from our non-stop news sources
  • We are faced with multi-tasking health, social, work, financial, and even political pressures that are on par with the worst in our histories.
  • No one is getting enough sleep.

The world can indeed seem an overwhelming and threatening place and the stress or anxiety you feel is actually a HEALTHY RESPONSE to all of it...this is what your brain and body are suppose to do when you are in danger.

The problem

  • The problem is, living in such a stressed out state is much like driving a fine automobile at 180 miles per hour.
  • You can do it, but everything is going to wear down faster, that automobile is going to break sooner.
  • And you will too; mentally, physically, emotionally...everyone has a limit.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, natural and easy tool for managing stress and anxiety better.

  • it teaches you HOW to “turn offmentally and physically
  • it encourages the development of practices that you can use to reduce your stress or anxiety, everyday.
  • one of the most common side effects and uses are improved sleep

If needed, Hypnotherapy can also transform particular stressors so that they no longer carry the emotional “load” they once did, leaving you FREE TO ENJOY MORE of your life.

Release Your Stress. Release Your Anxiety

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