• FREE Hypnosis Meet Up: “Hypnosis and Life Mastery: “The Precious Present and the Power of a Story”

    FREE: December 8th, 7-8:30pm

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies, 222 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida

    "Once upon a time..." may be the best hypnotic induction ever! Many of our Winter Holidays are built on historic stories of hope and redemption that offer encouragement through the long, cold nights. We will discuss the power of stories on our unconscious mind. Our trance for the evening will involve a story by Dr. Spencer Johnson that is intended to enhance your mindful appreciation of whatever holiday activities you have scheduled this season.

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  • FREE TRANCE-Mindful Gratitude

    FREE “A TRANCE TO ENHANCE MINDFUL GRATITUDE”: have a more joyful Thanksgiving, our gift of gratitude to you.

    DO NOT USE while DRIVING a vehicle or OPERATING DANGEROUS Machinery-it is intended to cause states of relaxation that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention. DO NOT USE if you are epileptic, have a serious mental disorder, brain injury or other serious medical condition, without medical supervision. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any problems with the recording.

    Gratitude Download
  • Gratitude - November 2014

    How to find gratitude and appreciation every day.

    “My boyfriend has been especially nice lately, this often happens after his parents visit.” This client went on to share that her boyfriend’s mother is a non-stop regurgitation of negativity, complaints, gossip and criticism-that everyone in the family-including her husband of 40 years- has had to learn to deal with, each in their own ways.

  • Heading Into The Future-TBHT Newsletter-November 2020

    If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that my crystal ball is broken and the Magic 8 ball is not reliable at all.

    By the time you are reading this, the US Presidential Election will have happened and we will all be well into planning our COVID, and election, impacted holidays.

    Indeed, 2020 is a year of unprecedented experiences.

    Pairing the words “Holidays” and “Conflict” is a good example of things than are unprecedented, usually we are talking “Gratitude” and “Peace” this time of year. Unfortunately, tensions are high and interpersonal conflicts seem exacerbated this year.

    And so, it seemed useful, as we head into the post election experience, winter and the holidays that we might offer some tips and trance work for handling conflict better. Join us for our FREE Monthly Meetup, "Handling Holiday Conflict Better-Hypnosis and Life Mastery”

    Our affiliate offers over 33 hypnosis downloads to help IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS the EASY WAY; “Asserting Yourself”, “Overcoming Shyness”, “Speak Clearly", “Starting Conversations”, “Dealing with Difficult People” and so much more. Most are less than 15.00 and they are still 50% OFF.

    With 1000’s of titles, hypnosis audio downloads MAKE GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS. You have nothing to lose and much to gain!!top100

    “Gratitude”is one powerful resource for mitigating holiday stress and conflict. If you would like our FREE HYPNOSIS RECORDING “A Trance to Enhance Gratitude”, just send us a note through the website We love to “infect” you with a wonderful attitude of gratitude!

    We are also offering $50.00 OFF our “Accelerated Stress Management Session” via videoconferencing until the end of the year. A powerful single session that includes a customized hypnosis recording. Now there is a unique gift that keeps on giving, for yourself, or someone you really care about.

    Wishing you all peace and good health…

  • Holiday Temptations-TBHT Newsletter, October 2021

    Consciously, we are thinking “ I don’t want to eat too much this holiday.” “ I don’t want to drink too much…, spend too much…, you name the habit.

    BUT it is the season of excess and so for many of us, those powerful unconscious impulses override all of our good, conscious, intentions. In the hypnotic arts we say the conscious and unconscious are out of rapport, they are on conflict with one another ( and a note: the unconscious almost always wins).

    January 2nd arrives and we have put on an extra 2 pounds we will not get rid of ( research shows it adds up over the years), there may be long term consequences from the alcohol abuse, credit debt that takes until next December to pay off, and New Year Resolutions that we will probably not keep and feel bad about not keeping.

    It’s easy to avoid those temptations…when your unconscious is in alignment with the consciously held goal. You do this everyday, you might be tempted to run a red light but your conscious and unconscious agree, you don’t want a ticket or to be in an accident so you stop (most of us).

    The trick of course is aligning the conscious and unconscious, which is the goal of the hypnotic arts.

    What if your unconscious agreed that that the rewards for your restraint are far greater than the rewards of your excess. Behavior would easily and effortlessly flow from this alignment would it not?

    Our FREE monthly MeetUp for November to kick off the holiday season is “ Resisting Temptation: Hypnosis and Life Mastery”. On-line, Thursday 11/11 at 7pm.

    If you have some specific habits of excess you would like to curb easily and effortlessly, our affiliate offers over 1200 titles of hypnosis downloads at really affordable prices (15.00 or less!). There are over 15 titles related to weight management alone in the top 100, and dozens more if you click through to their site. These downloads make really unique and meaningful gifts! Explore their catalogue by starting here

    We will be doing our November COVID Support group call on WEDNESDAY the 24th, and am planning my favorite “Trance to Enhance Gratitude”. Everyone effected by COVID is welcome to attend.

    Mark you calendars, our last Meeting of the year will be our Free December presentation “Recovering Passion and Purpose;Hypnosis and Life Mastery” to get your creative unconscious juices flowing as we head onto the New Year.

    Hope you are all enjoying our Florida fall, and saying yes to the change in your life.

  • Season of Hope-TBHT December 2020 Newsletter

    I was brought to tears of joy Thanksgiving Morning, by the connection, resiliency, sharing and kindness of our COVID Support Group, now in 36th week.

    There ARE wonderful people in this world, and thanks to the pandemic and technology, we have had the privilege of getting to know some amazing new people through this little bubble of self-care we host every Thursday. (You can join us here-

    For me, the group reinforces my belief that for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to face it; hidden within all fear and darkness are opportunities for re-assessments, change and growth-2020 has been no exception.

    And 2021 finds us stepping into a world forever changed, and actively changing still. We could stay stuck in fear…OR we could come to it with something more resourceful.

    Let’s meet it full of HOPE, shall we?

    To make that easy, and to celebrate the “Season of Hope”, our FREE Meetup for December is “Hope-nosis; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

    Be someone else’s reason to believe in the goodness of others this season. 2020 has been especially hard and many among us are short on hope right now. We offer the friendly reminder that having enough to share is a privilege, not a chore, the gift of sharing is as priceless to the giver as to the receiver.

    In addition to our FREE dose of Hope at the Meetup, our gift to you this month is our FREE “A Trance to Enhance Gratitude”, re-recorded at last month’s Meetup. Send a note to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the link.

    The GIFT of CHANGE; If the holidays are stressing you out, or if you are looking for a REALLY UNIQUE gift for the holidays, our affiliate offers over 1200 titles of “straight up” hypnosis audio downloads, most less than 15.00! You can explore all of them, starting with the 100 most popular titles here

    And lastly-we are offering Gift Certificates and 100.00 SINGLE Accelerated Stress Management sessions, ON-LINE, until the end of the year. That’s 2 hours with Tamera and a custom recording; the gift of change indeed! Just drop us an email via the website to purchase,

    Thank you for being a part of our community this year. Wishing you all Peace this winter holiday and Hope for the New Year.

  • Trance of the Month – Transform a Stressful Christmas-November 2014

    Our affiliates at HypnosisDownloads have a recording to address almost every fear a person can have, there are 100s -from Agoraphobia to Fear of Weddings. Just know, a pre-recorded session can be very helpful in and of itself but if it does not solve the issue,  don’t give up, it just means you need a little more help to make that recording useful for you. If you need more help, call us. We will give you a credit for your Hypnosis Download purchase in your first session.

    Transform a stressful christmas into a relaxed one:

    Survive the festive season using relaxing hypnosis. Only $14.95

    From Hypnosis Downloads: ""Christmas is a meant to be a time of togetherness with family, fun, joy and selfless thought towards others. But so often Christmas can just seem like another major life stress. Why should this be? What makes Christmas stressful?

    First there's the preparation, the shopping in frenzied, crowded stores people pushing and shoving and you worrying whether so and so will like the present you've bought them. Then there's the cooking and organizing and of course the financial strain that the extra cost of Christmas entails. Many of us get seriously in debt (or more in debt) after the Christmas holiday. But the biggest stress of Christmas comes from the very essence of what Christmas is supposed to be all about - other people.

    The nightmare before, during and after Christmas

    The biggest stress of Christmas can come from the friction caused by family members getting together over the festive season. You may feel like a referee as relatives battle, argue and fight there way through what is meant to be an enjoyable time. You may end up dreading Christmas and of course the more you dread Christmas the more likely you are to get really stressed out by Christmas.

    Why do we become stressed by Christmas?

    We become stressed by anything that seems to exceed our ability to cope and causes stress hormone levels to rise in our bloodstream. This session will relax you deeply and prepare your mind to feel calm about the prospect of Christmas. You'll find yourself feeling more relaxed during the holiday season and actually enjoying Christmas.

    Download Overcome a Stressful Christmas now and begin to relax around your festive season.

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