• FREE Meet Up “Hypnosis and Health; Joe Dispenza’s “You are the Placebo”-October 2016

    An exploration, and the practical application, of how the mind can heal the body, is a perfect subject for a hypnosis meetup. Dr. Dispenza is coming to Tampa in , 2017. We will discuss his book, mind-body healing as a whole, and share some of his work.

    We do not work with Dr. Dispenza, nor receive any benefit from putting this out for a discussion, it's just a part of sharing the "good news"-YOU CAN HEAL.

    Here is a link to Dr. Dispenza's website if you are interested in learning more for yourself, BUT IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.

    And here's the link to join us for a community discussion and experience through our Meet-Up site
  • FREE: Hypnosis and Health: Weight Management through the Holidays

    Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving and Christmas-Oh my! The "Season of Eating" is about to begin but you do not have to feel out of control, guilty or anything other than joyful. Tamera is going to present some hypnotic, meditative and NLP approaches to help curb your appetite, despite all the temptations of the season. The evening’s trance will reinforce your goals around food at holidays gatherings. A copy of the evening’s trance will be available for free to participants only.

    Register at our Meet Up Site!
  • Healthy IS Wealthy-Tampa bay Hypnotherapy Newsletter-August 2018

    I received a priceless birthday present this summer, a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH at my annual physical!

    Here is an investment tip, one that is guaranteed to return uncountable riches in your years ahead...

    Invest in your health, NOW.

    Healthy IS wealthy. We are living longer, but the issue is, what will be the QUALITY of those years?

    Your body deserves at least as much attention as your bank account, because how you treat it effects everything ahead of you, including your finances.

    And hypnosis is a marvelous tool for investing in your health!

    From managing stress, changing health related behaviors, managing symptoms- even pain, promoting healing and reversing “dis-ease”. Our FREE HYPNOSIS Meet UP this month focuses on the Medical Applications of Hypnosis.

    Our Hypnosis Download Affiliate offers at least 50 health related hypnotic programs, from Acid Reflux to Warts, at stunningly low prices.

    Ladies only-Wake up your “Goddess Within”, come take her out for a wild and enlightening ride with us to playful, pleasure centered life that is much more fun, and much more powerful than you may have known before. Come learn what the buzz is about. We are offering the Goddess Salon Orientation on the 14th.

    The Hypnosis Education Association of Florida is seeking presenters for it’s November 9-11th Conference in Orlando. Send proposals to the HEA

    Come on you hypnotists! Be a part of a growing hypnosis community and make plans to join us at the November Conference!

    Registration is now open for our FREE September Meet Up “Laws of the Mind; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

    Hoping your summer has been priceless as well…

    This month's newletter is dedicated to Richard Thor Alday, my first “hypnotic duet” partner. Too soon. RIP

  • Hypnosis and Your Health-Exploring the Mind-Body Connection. FREE May Meet Up

    Trance states have been long been used to promote health and healing. The Placebo effect is real, well documented, and speaks clearly to the power of the mind to effect the body. We will explore, experientially, how the mind and body work together to create states of health, or states of dis-ease. We will discuss how hypnosis/trance can help in the road to healing, chronic disease management, chronic pain control and enhanced wellness! And of course, we will have an optional “Trance to Enhance-Healing”.

    To register, send us an email through the "Contact Us" button on this site or join us on Meet Up!
  • On the Medical Applications of Trancework-TBHT Newsletter, June 2021

    We all are susceptible to unconscious suggestions, persuasion and influence.

    For example, how long would I have to talk about “yawning”, maybe asking you to see, hear or feel a yawn in a variety of ways, before you felt an unconscious urge to yawn? Did you ever have to run a facet in order to encourage voiding of the bladder? (Or felt the urge come upon you as you look upon a body of water?)

    Our unconscious mind attends and responds to all sorts of stimuli in ways our conscious minds cannot.

    We will be talking about how this openness to suggestion can be used for health and healing of the body in our FREE, On-LINE Meetup, “ The Medical Applications of Hypnosis”. Thursday, June 10th, 7-8:30pm.

    “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini is our summer “Words That Will Change Your Life, TBHT Bookclub “ read. Held bi-weekly, donation based and ON-LINE, this book will offer you a DEFENSE AGAINST BEING UNCONSCIOUSLY INFLUENCED. Begins Wed June 2nd, 7pm. We close the group to new members on June 16th.

    Suggestion is of course, at the heart of, and a defining aspect of, “straight up” hypnosis, like the affordable audio downloads from my affiliate. With over 1200 titles, it is usually worthwhile to start change work with such a tool. Start exploring from my top 100 at

    If the audio does not produce the outcome you are hoping for, email me for a free consultation. It only means that there is a stronger unconscious program that needs to be addressed, and I will credit you the purchase. You can send me a request for a call at

    Wishing everyone a nice start to Summer 2021 and let’s please be nice to one another as we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we have all been through a lot.

  • Video-Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

    An amazingly well done presentationby a woman who healed her Fibromalgia with hypnotherapy, and went on to become a hypnotherapist herself. Believe it is possible. We didn't work with her, do not even know her, but everything she talks about is exactly the frame from which we are working!

    Video-Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

    Published on Apr 24, 2015

    ""Surviving an accident was the easy part; coping with the chronic pain would prove more difficult. Danna Pycher shares her story about trauma and the transformative insight she gained that allowed her to harness the healing power of the subconscious mind."

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