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  • At some point in the very near future, our great nation will officially declare the next leader of of the “free” world.

    From a field of infinite possibilities, that pivotal decision will take the world down very different paths; from that point in time, a whole host of possibilities will be eliminated from any probability, and whole different host will increase in probability. Of course, this is true of every moment, and the decisions we make in every moment, but we will not get quantum on you here-just yet.

    This particular election seems to be highlighting two very different views for the future of America. If America was a client in our office-we would probably first work with her to help her understand that these conflicting parts, while they seem total opposites, actually share a similar intention-the highest and greatest good of our nation’s health, wealth and prosperity. They just have different beliefs about how to attain this.

    The conflict between our candidates is the focus; it is encouraging black/white thinking and creates division, and a divided nation is an uncertain one. And any good hypnotist knows (and any good quantum physicist) states of uncertainty are highly suggestible states. A singular focus of attention in any one particular way, will change all of the reality that is experienced as a consequence.

    The POWER OF BELIEF on the QUANTUM World and our physical bodies, is the focus of our next FREE Meet Up as we share the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Hypnosis and Health: Dispenza’s “You are the Placebo” as an intro to his Tampa presentations in early 2017. The Hypnosis Education Association of Florida is holding their November conference “Hypnosis: From the Inside Out”, in Orlando with some amazing presentations at an incredible price and open to anyone interested in the field.

    We here at Tampa Bay Hypno-Therapy are getting ready to wrap up 2016 so, December 10th is our LAST presentation of the 1-day ""Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind", December 10th 9-4pm. We offer it again in January and this really does make for an AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFT! November 30th is our last 2016 presentation of the Goddess Salon-we want your input for the 2017 Salons! Our last FREE 2016 Meet Up will be a year end celebration with a trance highlighting “The Precious Present” as our gift to you!

    You will find links and articles to all of these groups if you visit us at our Meet Up Page.

    May you be at peace, and focused on voting your conscience about what you believe is in the nation’s greatest and highest good, this election day.

  • It’s sooooo hot, the beaches and pools are swimming with throngs of people seeking to stay cool…

    all in various stages of both physical and emotional “nakedness”.

    Now, some folks are going to wear speedos proudly,

    And some would rather die than wear a thong at all… and then there are all those shades of “confidence” in between...

    Exposed and revealed is not only a body but also our degree of self-consciousness, About our vulnerabilities and “imperfections” Our fear of judgement…

    If you are uncomfortable being so vulnerable at the beach, it does makes for a fewer options in enjoying the moment fully and freely.

    What we wear to the beach, or don’t wear, is just another manifestation of core, unconsciously held patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving about ourselves and others. Patterns that beg the question, who is doing the judging first? Patterns that play out in other parts of our life…

    If these unconscious patterns make you happy-GREAT.

    If they could use some updating, join us for our FREE July Meetup "Improving Social Skills; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”, where we will explore and practice tools for developing greater confidence, and less self-conscious-ness, in any social situation.

    “The Gain Social Excellence-5 Pack”is our featured affiliate recording if you would rather have greater social confidence NOW, before the beach season is over.

    “Hypnosis-Tools for Change” is the theme of the Fall 2019 Hypnosis Education Association of Florida’s Orlando Conference (November 8-10th). The official “Call for Presenters” is now open. Come play with us! All hypnosis enthusiasts are welcomed. http://heahypnosis.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/HEA-Presenter-Proposal-Guidelines-6.20.18.pdf

    Stay Kool my friends…Tamera

  • The Hypnosis Education Association, Inc. (HEA) was organized in 1998, as a Not-For-Profit organization– is unique in that it is run by members for members, with the purpose to provide education and a venue for the exchange of knowledge regarding the nature and ethical uses of hypnosis.

    All adults with a sincere interest in hypnosis are invited to join the association.Our membership includes both professional and non-professional members, including those who are retired, those with many years of experience, and those who are new to hypnosis. Most of us live all over the state of Florida, and we welcome members from other states and countries.


    Friday, November 11-Sunday, November 13th

    Orlando, Florida

    Tamera Fontenot – From the Outside Looking In (Business building); Katheryn Napier– Pre & Post Surgery Hypnosis; Patti Scott – Inside-Outcomes (Pretalk suggestions); Art Emrich – How to manage your Mind/Body Systems; Susan Watson – Releasing Trapped Emotion; Gary Urso-Hypnosis & the Law; Eric Rosen –Use of Transformational Core Continuums for Medical Hypnotherapy

    To learn more and register please visit the HEA website.

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