• At the beginning of every school year, we would get a new box of beautiful, pointy crayons. Wrapped neatly, all the waxy colors lined up in their rainbow rows, each more lovely than the next, it was hard to choose a favorite. And that unique scent of crayons...seemed to hint of all the POSSIBILITIES that the new imminent new school year held.


    in a little box.


    This month, our group will focus on tools for creating YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE, a life you feel is worth living. We will discuss, and demonstrate, how unconsciously held material influences, supports, or limits your very REAL PHYSICAL REALITY. Our trance for the evening will encourage you toward greater creativity and clarity about what your want your experience to be, something the unconscious mind will, necessarily and effortlessly, manifest (Its doing it right now!) Come on, color “outside of the lines”, lets be creative, and open up to a world of infinite, exciting potential where absolutely anything is possible for you.

    It's FREE and is happening Thursday, August 13th, 7-8:30pm at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies in St. Petersburg.

  • In the hypnotic arts we KNOW that the real power of manifesting begins with clarity about what you want, but is exponentially fueled by knowing “why” you what you want.

    The “whys” are a powerfully motivating force and some of the most powerful “whys” are your Values. When you are living in accordance with those values, you feel congruent, whole, complete...Life Feels Worth Living, no matter your circumstances or outcomes.

    Values remain largely “unexamined”, and because they run deep throughout the unconscious, coloring everything we perceive, we act automatically to them, whether they are serving us or not.

    By special request, our presentation tonight will discuss and demonstrate hypnotic strategies for exploring your more deeply held values, and tapping into the power of chosen values to Manifest more of what you most deeply want.

    Register at our Meet Up site or on our FaceBook page!

    Thursday, August 11th, 2016

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    222 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg, Fl

  • It is the Season of "Hope" and we are going to drink deeply from that wellspring-the human capcity to HOPE.

    We will discuss what HOPE is, why it is so vital to our wellbeing and what HOPE does for us. Please, feel free to bring your stories of HOPE as a resource to share with/inspire the rest of us. Or maybe you will just use it as a tool for yourself in the trancework tonight.

    The evenings trance will focus of channeling that HOPE, through metaphor, into a clear vision for the holidays, the New Year or any other area of your life you might wish to turn your HOPE towards. And as all good mindartists know-clarity has power.

    Let's celebrate another wonderful year of community,of learning and living and growing and giving. Bring a dish to share if you would like. Tamera will provide serving setup and some light snacks.

  • A Calmer YOU

    Did you know, you were born with only 2 innate fears-a fear of heights and a fear of loud noises? And while research seems to show that we may have a genetic tendency to learn some fears more quickly (for example, snakes!), the fact is ALL OTHER FEARS ARE LEARNED. If those fears are working for you, that’s great (for example, my life IS better with a healthy respect for snakes!)

    But if it feels like your fears are working against you, if parts of your life trigger you into uncomfortable storms of emotion know this: YOU CAN RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO STATES OF CALM. In the hypnotic arts, we call these “Resource States” and you can learn to “trigger” them, at will, with just a little effort.

    We share some strategies for creating more emotional control in this month’s FREE Meetup, “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. In our July Goddess Salon, we will be discussing a whole different kind of “Resource State”. Lastly, we are still registering for the August presentations of “Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day Training” and our bi-monthly “Introduction to Hypnosis”, a great space for people new to hypnosis, or to us, to learn more without any obligations.

    May you all be “in-joying” a safe and memorable it like you will have to give a report on the first day of school, and make it a good story!

    FREE: “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. That’s right, a CALMER YOU, imagine the possibilities....

    Our August presentation, by special request of a special Meet Up MindArtist will be: Hypnosis and Life Mastery: Values Clarification to Manifest A Life Worth Living.

    FREE: June 21st, An Introduction to Hypnosis. TouchStone Studios. For people new to hypnosis or Tampa Bay Hypnotherapy.

    $5.00: June 29th, “The Goddess Salon”, Classical Medicine.

    Best $100.00 you’ll spend this year: August 20th 9-4pm, Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day TouchStone Studios.

  • Oh, are Your Mind Artists in for a treat tonight! Tamera is taking the month off to join the fun as our very special guest, Dayna Wood, ED.S, LMHC, NCC, REAT and Jennifer Carey, ED.S., LMHC explore the most amazing part of your unconscious mind-YOUR CREATIVITY!

    "You have that thing that you love to do, which usually holds precious gifts you were born to share with others. You may know this but th

    ere never seems to be enough time to do the things you love OR you've hidden those gifts underneath so many messages and other obstacles that you’ve forgotten it even exists. If only you had the time, you would love the opportunity to reconnect with this passionate essence residing inside of you this very moment.

    Join guest speakers Dayna Wood and Jennifer Carey in an imaginative, fun and interactive workshop that will give you that time for the creative essence within you  a chance to share its voice and vision. To learn more about Dayna and Jen, visit them at their website, Integrative Counsel

    June 9th, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies, 7-8:30pm

    register through our Contact page above or at our Meet Up page.
  • In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will explore your unconscious mind and learn powerful techniques for tapping into its unlimited potential to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Tools for rewiring unwanted reactions and for harnessing your mind’s natural creative forces will be explained and practiced.

    Want to discover ways to have a happier, healthier you?

    This workshop is for you!

    Your current reality is the cumulative result of your habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When you think something often enough, it becomes a belief; often a hidden belief, that you no longer even realize that you have. They have become “automatic”. These automatic habits are fine-until they are no longer working for your benefit and become obstacles to a happy life.

    For some of us, our automatic habits of thought, feeling and behaviors seem to be running our lives and we “react” in ways we wish we could change. Stress, anxiety, discouragement, self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors have become the norm. Just about everyone has something they wish they could do differently.

    If you could change anything, what would you change about yourself?

    This workshop will teach you to explore and adjust those automatic habits right where they began, and right where they live: in your creative unconscious mind.

    Using proven tools of the most contemporary neuroscience, such as meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis, you will learn how to re-wire your own mind to better:

    • Reduce anxiety, sadness and unproductive stress.
    • Breakthrough states of “stuck-ness”.
    • Improve resiliency and control in handling difficult emotions.
    • Develop connections to your own powerful, positive internal resources and harness them to create more success, motivation, focus, optimism, and confidence in your life.
    • Change unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors easily and permanently.
    • Improve relationships with self, family, friends, clients, peers.
    • Clarify your purpose, passion and deepest values.

    "If you are Ready for Change...Change Your Mind, Your Life Will Follow"

    Held at : Touchstone Studios, 926 16th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Next Class: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 from 9am-4pm.

    $100.00 per person. $25.00 OFF 2 or more registrations, or $25.00 OFF Military/Family Members.

    Seats are limited to 7.

    Register via MeetUp or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    "It’s like finally getting the “Owner’s Manual” to your own mind."

  • “Responsibility” is such a loaded word. For a lot of us, it almost has the feel of a “heavy yoke” to it, something to be avoided. It seems a lot easier to blame someone or something else for our challenges and suffering. But such blame is a self-limiting belief.

    The truth is, you can only be FREE if you are willing to accept responsibility for the reality in which you find yourself today. Once you accept responsibility, you are FREE to choose a different reality. If you are happy, anchor that in and you will only have more. If you are not happy, take responsibility for it and you are FREE to change it.

    The hypnotic arts offer a lot of tools to foster that freedom. We have upcoming free Hypnosis events on “A Prosperity Mindset”, “The Emotional Freedom Technique”, and “Ending Perfectionism”. We also have upcoming“Intro” classes for newbies , our quarterly 1 day-”Mind Mastery-Self Hypnosis” class, as well as a links to local and state hypnosis related events. We share links to an amazing BBC program if you are looking for models in manifesting prosperity and an audio on“The Secret of the Abundance Mentality Mindset”.

    May you manifest a safe and abundant summer. tamera

    -The GODDESS SALON (Women Only)-If you are interested, please join the wait list, if we get enough Goddess Sisters in Waiting, I will figure something out. This group is amazing, fun and empowering, and I just want to share it with everyone I can. ""Class Session #5-The Art of Flirting through “Turning On”.

    FREE:Looking for models on overcoming adversity to create abundance? Be inspired...BBC Series CHANGING FORTUNES: Wealth Without Borders.

    -FREE: CALLING LOCAL PRACTITIONERS, Licensed and Vocational-you folks are always asking if I can start a PRACTICE GROUP. Well now I don’t have to. Erick Kand wanted to get some hypno-play dates together. Nothing builds your confidence, skill and professionalism like a group of peer hypno-junkies. Come play with us!

    -CALL FOR PRESENTERS: Our March Hypnosis Education Association of Florida Conference was absolutely beautiful and because Time IS marching on, we are already beginning the call for hypnosis presenters for our 2-day fall Conference in Orlando. Got something hypnosis related you want to share? Join us!

  • It’s that time of year again, full of good intentions, we start setting goals for the coming year, it’s resolutions time again!

    Quick tip from a hypnotist on changing habits:

    Your brain hates a vacuum, and you will get what you focus on….SO you will have more success in keeping resolutions if you find some new habit to replace the old habit with, that is equally rewarding. We have a few suggestions...

    Hypnosis is really cool new habit, a tool, that can make keeping those resolutions easy.

    Welcome to 2019! We are kicking it off with all kinds of new options to support any changes you would like to make!

    We start by announcing two new affordable groups;

    “Stop Smoking with Hypnosis”,250.00 for 2 sessions and reinforcement recordings and

    “Virtual-Master Mind for Mind Artists” Coaching group.$20.00

    Our FREE Meet Up this month will offer more tips, tools and trancework for making change easy and starting the New Year right, join us for “Manifesting 2019 with Hypnosis".

    Friendly reminder that Up Hypnosis is hosting their FREE annual “World Hypnosis Day” event, benefiting a local Veteran’s Group and featuring the amazing Art Emrich, on Saturday, January 5th.

    Got some bad habits you, or someone you love, want to change in 2019? What if could be as easy as listening to a recording? Our featured Hypnosis Download this month is anything in the “Bad Habits” series from Uncommon Knowledge. From nail biting to ice chewing, these folks cover them all and usually for less than 20.00!!

    Remember, every job is made easier when you have the right tools…is hypnosis the right tool for you?

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