• January 12th, Acupuncture and herbal Therapies

    It’s New Year Resolution time again and most of us already know that "resolution making" is the easy part of change. Deciding what you want (what you resolve to do) is important, clarity about your goals is Step #1 in making any change.

    Step #2-Implementing those resolutions in a way that can be maintained, without a lot of suffering, that is the "hard part".

    But change can be easy, resolutions can be met, when you have the right tools. We will share some tips on making changes that work,  by "hacking" your unconscious with techniques from the  hypnotic arts and offer a trance to support such changes...

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  • How quickly did this pandemic create new habits for you, have you noticed yet?Compared to last year, have you considered how different are your habits; of thinking, of feeling, and doing?

    While I would not wish 2020 on anyone, it was a wonderful example of an external event can motivate a change in our habits.

    And we are our habits of course. What we do over and over and over again, defines our lives.

    Which is great, as long as it is working for you.

    But when a habit is no longer possible (as in a pandemic, for example), is no longer useful (a bottle of wine every night, for example), no longer is serving us ( bad relationships, for example) or may even be hurting us ( feelings of low self worth or smoking, for example);


    And change is much easier with the right tools, easier when the unconscious mind is on board. Trance based approaches offer tools to facilitate change at a deeper level of mind, where it becomes “ automatic”; the same way the “ problem” habit is experienced today.

    You can learn more at our FREE, on-line, January meetup: “Changing Bad Habits; Hypnosis and Health”.

    Sometimes, a good hypnosis download is all that is needed to get the unconscious “on board”, if you have specific habits you would like to change for 2021, why not explore our affiliate who offers over 1200 hypnosis downloads at really great prices?!top100

    If those bad habits persist; if your conscious mind wants to change but your habituated unconscious keeps doing something else- this is not failure, only feedback. Find someone you trust to work through whatever unconscious needs are being met by the thoughts, feelings or behavior.

    Of course, we are always honored when that someone you can trust, is us.

    Wishing you all a peaceful start to the New Year.

  • January 2020. How time does fly.

    If you could go back to speak to your younger self, what advice might you give?

    How would your life be different today, if you had accepted your older, wiser, more experienced, self’s advice?

    More importantly, here in 2020, are you living proof of your own best, “ lessons learned” and sage advice? If so, good for you!

    If you find it easier to know what other people should be doing, but are not actually doing it yourself; you are not alone.

    And you can change that!

    Contrary to popular psychology that says resolutions are a set up for failure...We DO support making resolutions for change and believe that a New Year, a New Decade, is a GREAT time to start your change…

    To accelerate you being your best version of you ever-you just have to have the right tools to make the change easy and permanent, and hypnosis is a fabulous tool for change.

    Join us for or FREE Hypnosis Meet Up, “Achieving Your 2020 Resolutions with Hypnosis; Hypnosis and Life Mastery” , Thursday-January 9th.

    Our affiliate offers over 40 titles of “straight up”HYPNOSIS TO END ADDICTIONS and BAD HABITS of all sorts: smoking, alcohol, pornography, skin picking…you name it! And at a very very reasonable prices. We often suggest people try these recordings FIRST, before coming into the office for a more individualized sessions. Often times, the generalized “re-patterning” of a hypnotic recording is all that is needed to make make your change easy and automatic! If there is something you would like to start or stop this year, why not see if there is a hypnosis recording for that?

    Mark your calendar and be sure to get registered for our very special Guest Speaker at the FREE February Meetup, ‘BODY LOVE: Connecting with the Divine Intelligence of Your Body with Jean Riccio”.

    Let’s get 2020 off to a great start!


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