90 minute session to introduce you to hypnosis/trance and develop customized stress management suggestions for a recorded trance session. Mp3 recording is provided for reinforcement.


    Limited Time Only

    Gift Certificates:

    We can’t even imagine a better gift for someone you love than Hypnosis Sessions but then, we might be biased. In our humble opinion, the gift of Hypnosis is second only to be able to give DIRECTLY GIVE THE GIFT of less stress, better emotional stability, building better habits, feeling more confident, enhancing performance, experiencing less pain, etc (for a complete list, visit us at

    The question you will want to ask yourself before purchasing a gift certificate is this:

    Does this person WANT CHANGE but seems unable to do so on their own?

    Is this person OPEN to the IDEA of HYPNOSIS?

    Now a single session of Hypnosis is a very enjoyable and useful experience for most people. Most challenges will do even better with 3 sessions. Obviously, some concerns are more significant and may take a few more sessions. Gift Certificates can also be purchased for paid courses with discounts applying for registrations of 2 or more.

    We are always happy to offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULT with YOU, or with the person you would like to gift, if you are not sure. Just send us a note through the Appointment page and we can schedule a quick phone call...

    TampaBayHypnotherapy, LLC reserves the right to decline services to anyone if Hypnotherapy services are believed to be contraindicated. Some services may require a physician’s involvement.

  • The world is changing so quickly right now, everyday is something new on the Corona Virus. 

    You may not know this about me, but I spent 10 years working disasters at a national level and so let me assure you, this is an unprecedented national disaster. We will recover from this but not without sacrifices to our lives. I know this is hard for us all. I want to assure you that I, and my offices, will be here throughout and when the recovery begins. 

    One of the hardest parts right now, is not knowing WHO has the virus; anyone can be carrying it right now, and not even know because they are not symptomatic!

    It is thesafest thing is to ASSUME EVERYONE has it. This is a choice. If this assumption is wrong, we can live with that. If the assumption is right, we are going to be able to live with that too-and so will many others.

    Social distancing is not just about keeping ourselves safe from contracting the virus, it is not even just about protecting one another or the most vulnerable amongst us.  Social distancing is also critical to containing the virus, while treatments are sought and our medical facilities scale up to accommodate the masses that will need them, unless we take radical action NOW. Social distancing is the one thing we each can do to help bring this disaster to a swifter end.

    Beginning Wednesday the 25th, we are suspending in-office sessions indefinitely, except in an extreme emergency. April’s Free Meet Up is cancelled. This is consistent with professional peers and organizational recommendations.

    Stay tuned, an on-line version of the Meet Up is in the works.

    We are still offering support sessions via the phone, and video-conferencing (very easy to use for you, as a client-you only need a computer, an internet connection and some earbuds/headphones) at reduced fees (75.00 a session) for the next 30 days.

    The reduced fee is not because the session's value is less on-line but rather, because we expect there will be some growing pains and technical challenges and do not want clients having to pay for our learning curve. And the truth is, we really want to be here to help through this time. If you needs us, for hypnotherapy or just to talk (Tamera is a licensed therapist) just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    We are living in uncertain times, routines have been disrupted, the headlines are screaming everyday and all of us are under a lot of stress.  Stress makes us more vulnerable to dis-ease. Our affiliate offers over 31 titles of Stress and Anxiety Management hypnosis downloads at a very reasonable cost. If you are isolated at home and in need of some self care but can’t get out, why not check these out?!top100

    We will survive this and I am one of "those" people that believe 100% that events like bring out the very best in us or the very worst. It is a choice. Disaster recovery has taught me, the best plan is to take care of yourself, take care of your tribe, take care of your that order. (BTW-social distancing accomplishes all 3!)

    We are all in this together, our interconnectedness has never been so highlighted as it is right now and I sure hope humanity does something good with that lesson.

    Stay well, Tamera

  • From our Affiliates at Uncommon Knowledge and Hypnosis Downloads: A trance that recognizes how habits serve purposes in our lives, even bad habits. Changing them is really a matter of finding more useful ways to get those same needs met. Remember, these are for general audiences. If it does not help as much as you want, we are here to help you get past your individual "stuckness".!top100

    Escape the compulsion to make yourself feel better with food

    Do you turn to comfort eating more often than you would like?

    Are the costs outweighing the benefits?

    Life can be tough sometimes. And sometimes the things that make life difficult can go on for a long time. It's only human to want to help yourself feel better, and there's no getting away from it, what's easier to lay your hands on than what's in the fridge or food cupboard? Reaching for a tub of delicious ice-cream, a tasty deep base pizza or a packet of thick chocolate biscuits does not make you a bad person.

    But although you get the instant reward of the great taste or the satisfyingly filling sensation, you've already discovered that reaching out for those sweet, filling foods on a too regular basis is bringing other consequences that you're not so keen on. And making you an unhappy person.

    Which was why you reached out for them in the first place...

    It's a trap, isn't it?  But there is a way out.

    Hypnosis can help you overcome the habit of comfort eating

    Stop comfort eating is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists with wide experience in helping people with the psychological side of healthy weight management. It uses the power of hypnosis to help you break out of the behavior patterns that seem to have such a grip on you.

    As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice that

    • the problems and challenges you're facing start to seem much less daunting you find yourself getting creative about developing real, practical solutions you develop a new relationship with your own emotions, and feel more at peace with them you find yourself naturally eating so much more healthily, and enjoying occasional treats without guilt or anxiety you feel much more relaxed and confident within yourself

    Download Stop comfort eating and take back control of your own life.

  • FREE “A TRANCE TO ENHANCE MINDFUL GRATITUDE”: have a more joyful Thanksgiving, our gift of gratitude to you.

    DO NOT USE while DRIVING a vehicle or OPERATING DANGEROUS Machinery-it is intended to cause states of relaxation that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention. DO NOT USE if you are epileptic, have a serious mental disorder, brain injury or other serious medical condition, without medical supervision. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any problems with the recording.

    Gratitude Download
  • Lots of people have some degree of social anxiety, that uncomfortableness we feel when faced with new people and new situations. We will discuss some of the challenges but more importantly, share some ways to overcome social anxiety through traditional and hypnotic approaches. If all goes well, we will have 2 exercises, a pre and post, to demonstrate the power of focused awareness, accessing resource states to create instant rapport with others.

    Send us an email through our "Contact" button on this site or register atMeet Up

    Thursday, March 10th, 7-8:30pm at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. 222 2nd Street North St. Petersburg, Fl

  • Happy Holidays to ALL you Wonderful MindArtists!

    We trust your end of 2018 is going well, no matter your customs or beliefs about it.

    People often say they wish we would all behave-all year long- with the same good will, gratitude, and generosity of spirit that accompanies the holidays. A lofty goal, it says something about us that at least once a year, our focus is heightened around these virtues and many others.

    We want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for all of you. And offer you a few gifts to express this gratitude.

    If you could not make the beautiful presentation by Julianne Rose on “Cultivating Joy” at our FREE Meet Up in December, please visit my facebook page where you will find videos of both the presentation and the trance completely FREE...If you like it, please give Julianne some love.

    If you are still looking for a really unique gift-we are offering a Single (2 hour) Custom Accelerated Stress Management Session Gift Certificate for 100.00 until January 4th. Anyone who has done one of these with Tamera knows this is a real treat and a real bargain. A custom recording is common. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase a gift certificate.

    Mark your calendars, Saturday January 5th-The amazing Patricia Scott of UP Hypnosis is once again hosting a FREE World Hypnosis Day Event to benefit Veteran Organizations and offering Free sessions to Veterans!

    Got some bad habits you, or someone you love, want to change in 2019? What if could be as easy as listening to a recording? Our featured Hypnosis Download this month is anything in the “Bad Habits” series from Uncommon Knowledge. From nail biting to ice chewing, these folks cover them all and usually for less than 20.00!!!top100

    2019 is just in front of us now, and we will be starting the New Year with a beautiful FREE Meet Up on “Manifesting 2019 with Hypnosis”, and a new Mastermind Coaching project using videoconferencing...stay tuned.

    But in the meantime; again, thank you all for being a part of our tribe, a part of the flame that inspires us personally and professionally. Wishing you all, all the best.

  • A Calmer YOU

    Did you know, you were born with only 2 innate fears-a fear of heights and a fear of loud noises? And while research seems to show that we may have a genetic tendency to learn some fears more quickly (for example, snakes!), the fact is ALL OTHER FEARS ARE LEARNED. If those fears are working for you, that’s great (for example, my life IS better with a healthy respect for snakes!)

    But if it feels like your fears are working against you, if parts of your life trigger you into uncomfortable storms of emotion know this: YOU CAN RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO STATES OF CALM. In the hypnotic arts, we call these “Resource States” and you can learn to “trigger” them, at will, with just a little effort.

    We share some strategies for creating more emotional control in this month’s FREE Meetup, “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. In our July Goddess Salon, we will be discussing a whole different kind of “Resource State”. Lastly, we are still registering for the August presentations of “Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day Training” and our bi-monthly “Introduction to Hypnosis”, a great space for people new to hypnosis, or to us, to learn more without any obligations.

    May you all be “in-joying” a safe and memorable it like you will have to give a report on the first day of school, and make it a good story!

    FREE: “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. That’s right, a CALMER YOU, imagine the possibilities....

    Our August presentation, by special request of a special Meet Up MindArtist will be: Hypnosis and Life Mastery: Values Clarification to Manifest A Life Worth Living.

    FREE: June 21st, An Introduction to Hypnosis. TouchStone Studios. For people new to hypnosis or Tampa Bay Hypnotherapy.

    $5.00: June 29th, “The Goddess Salon”, Classical Medicine.

    Best $100.00 you’ll spend this year: August 20th 9-4pm, Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day TouchStone Studios.

  • Planes are roaring overhead, the traffic booming again, there are more sirens screaming, and the doggie daycare behind my home is alive with barking pups. The rare exotic birds that had come to nest near the pond are gone, just like the silence.

    Ready or not, we are re-opening our nation in the midst of a pandemic.

    I mostly “hear” the re-opening from my backyard. I am not venturing out much to “see” all the changes as our community re-opens. The occasions when I do venture into the world require much more assessment and planning.

    We are returning to a New World. New Rules. New Ways of “being”.

    And it IS stressful.

    Keeping things simple this month, STRESS MANAGEMENT is key to your mental, physical, and emotional well being during all that is happening in our world right now. It is also fundamental to a strong immune system.

    We’ll share some stress management tools for FREE in the months MeetUp...“Hypnotic Hacks for Stress Management” at our free Monthly Meet Up.

    Because staying connected to others is a part of good self care, Our FREE “Covid19 Support Group” continues to meet on-line every Thursday morning.

    In this support group, we always do some trancework, and this stress management trance was recorded specifically to share with all of you, FOR FREE…as per way of helping us all be a little saner.

    If you want to explore more specific stress management trances, our affiliate has you covered with over 800 titles. Because Sleep can easily be disrupted by stress, and poor sleep quality will cause more stress, we are highlighting our affiliate’s “Insomnia Buster”.!top100

    As we ease into re-opening; virtual, on-line sessions are going extremely well and the expedited learning curve continues. That means for the month of June, we will continue to offer discounted, on-line, individual sessions. 100.00 per session to accelerate whatever change you are ready to make. To schedule a free phone consultation, send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Take care of you, it’s a very loving thing to do for everyone else.

  • In this life-changing experiential workshop, you will explore your unconscious mind and learn powerful techniques for tapping into its unlimited potential to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT. Tools for rewiring unwanted reactions and for harnessing your mind’s natural creative forces will be explained and practiced.

    Want to discover ways to have a happier, healthier you?

    This workshop is for you!

    Your current reality is the cumulative result of your habits of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. When you think something often enough, it becomes a belief; often a hidden belief, that you no longer even realize that you have. They have become “automatic”. These automatic habits are fine-until they are no longer working for your benefit and become obstacles to a happy life.

    For some of us, our automatic habits of thought, feeling and behaviors seem to be running our lives and we “react” in ways we wish we could change. Stress, anxiety, discouragement, self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors have become the norm. Just about everyone has something they wish they could do differently.

    If you could change anything, what would you change about yourself?

    This workshop will teach you to explore and adjust those automatic habits right where they began, and right where they live: in your creative unconscious mind.

    Using proven tools of the most contemporary neuroscience, such as meditation, mindfulness and hypnosis, you will learn how to re-wire your own mind to better:

    • Reduce anxiety, sadness and unproductive stress.
    • Breakthrough states of “stuck-ness”.
    • Improve resiliency and control in handling difficult emotions.
    • Develop connections to your own powerful, positive internal resources and harness them to create more success, motivation, focus, optimism, and confidence in your life.
    • Change unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors easily and permanently.
    • Improve relationships with self, family, friends, clients, peers.
    • Clarify your purpose, passion and deepest values.

    "If you are Ready for Change...Change Your Mind, Your Life Will Follow"

    Held at : Touchstone Studios, 926 16th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Next Class: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 from 9am-4pm.

    $100.00 per person. $25.00 OFF 2 or more registrations, or $25.00 OFF Military/Family Members.

    Seats are limited to 7.

    Register via MeetUp or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    "It’s like finally getting the “Owner’s Manual” to your own mind."

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