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  • Changing Times-TBHT Newsletter July 2021

    “Time distortion “, is one of the easiest hypnotic phenomena to experience, most of us know it from our everyday life. One minute can feel like forever, or it can be gone in a flash.

    Our experience of time is a very internal, unconscious, felt sense, separate from the marking of time via a clock. Even my pets, have an internal sense of time so embodied, they let me know, almost to the minute, when it is dinner time.

    Does it feel like life is racing by, or dragging along? Do you know, you have some power over that?

    We will share some techniques that can help you make more of the time you have at our next FREE Monthly Meet-up “ Mindfulness, Meditation and Hypnosis”, Thursday, July , 7-8:30 pm.

    Sometimes, time stands still. For example, 2020 almost feels like “the year that did not happen”, especially at the current rate of re-opening; which is something we discussed in our last COVID Support Group Zoom meeting. That FREE, on-line call is still being held once a month and anyone can join in.

    Time is one of our most precious resources, and I like to tell people that using the hypnotic arts is one way to save time on your journey. You probably are going to get where you are going but what if you could get there more quickly? What would you like to change? I bet my affiliate has an inexpensive, hypnosis audio download recording for that! Start exploring their over 1200 titles.

    And if that does not move you forward, it probably means that some unconscious part of you has a different agenda that needs to be addressed. Reach for a free phone consultation.

    It's Summer time and the days are long. Wishing you all sunshine, a chance to slow down, rest and enjoy whatever it is that matters to you. Tamera

  • Making New Friends-TBHT Newsletter May 2021

    Bruno, my rescue pit-mix, really enjoyed having me home during the pandemic.

    As I returned to the office, he let me know, in his own doggy way, that he was lonely.

    So, we rescued a kitten, Loki.

    From the moment he arrived on this planet, Loki has felt safe. The result is a kitten that is quick to explore, engage and be vulnerable ( e.g. he gives everyone access to his fuzzy belly).

    And that is good because Bruno takes persistence, and really being “ in- tune”, if you want to be Bruno’s friend.

    Unlike Loki, Bruno’s puppyhood was not someplace he felt safe.

    While much improved after years with me, he remains hyper-vigilant, with many “ triggers” and “walls”, he goes into fight/flight quickly.Unfortunately, his own fear is in the way of his getting more friends, love and attention, the very things he lives for!

    It sure would be easier if Bruno could choose to change,….but of course, he is a dog.

    You though, CAN CHOOSE to CHANGE.

    Are you more like Loki, more like Bruno, or somewhere in between? Are you satisfied with your current way of interacting with others? The quantity and quality of your relationships?

    As we cautiously and responsibly emerge from the pandemic, we are re-engaging one another again in the real world. It is a great time to offer our “More Social Confidence; Hypnosis and Life Mastery” presentation. Join us for our FREE, ON-LINE Monthly Meetup, May 13th, 7pm.

    Maybe you know exactly what your interpersonal skill challenges are. Our affiliate offers 100s of affordable hypnosis audio downloads to improve specific skills at an “unconscious”, automatic level. I encourage you to start your exploration from my site and see if there is something you might find useful among their titles. What if your changes could be that easy?

    The pandemic has created its own social fears and isolation. If you are looking for a way to take care of yourself through connection, you are welcome to join us for our FREE, On-Line COVID Support Group, held every Thursday at 9:30am. IF you like us on Facebook, you will get a weekly reminder.

    “Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini will be our summer read in our “TBHT Bookclub: Words that Change Your Life”. On-line, donation based, we begin June 2nd. Join our Meetup Group

    Fully vaccinated, I am back in my office, and back out in the world, with an appropriate level of caution.

    Hope to see you all out there again soon.

  • Managing a Changed World-TBHT Newsletter, June 2020

    Planes are roaring overhead, the traffic booming again, there are more sirens screaming, and the doggie daycare behind my home is alive with barking pups. The rare exotic birds that had come to nest near the pond are gone, just like the silence.

    Ready or not, we are re-opening our nation in the midst of a pandemic.

    I mostly “hear” the re-opening from my backyard. I am not venturing out much to “see” all the changes as our community re-opens. The occasions when I do venture into the world require much more assessment and planning.

    We are returning to a New World. New Rules. New Ways of “being”.

    And it IS stressful.

    Keeping things simple this month, STRESS MANAGEMENT is key to your mental, physical, and emotional well being during all that is happening in our world right now. It is also fundamental to a strong immune system.

    We’ll share some stress management tools for FREE in the months MeetUp...“Hypnotic Hacks for Stress Management” at our free Monthly Meet Up.

    Because staying connected to others is a part of good self care, Our FREE “Covid19 Support Group” continues to meet on-line every Thursday morning.

    In this support group, we always do some trancework, and this stress management trance was recorded specifically to share with all of you, FOR FREE…as per way of helping us all be a little saner.

    If you want to explore more specific stress management trances, our affiliate has you covered with over 800 titles. Because Sleep can easily be disrupted by stress, and poor sleep quality will cause more stress, we are highlighting our affiliate’s “Insomnia Buster”.!top100

    As we ease into re-opening; virtual, on-line sessions are going extremely well and the expedited learning curve continues. That means for the month of June, we will continue to offer discounted, on-line, individual sessions. 100.00 per session to accelerate whatever change you are ready to make. To schedule a free phone consultation, send us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Take care of you, it’s a very loving thing to do for everyone else.

  • Recess is CANCELLED. TBHT Newsletter 2020


    It’s just not fair.

    This is/they are “wrong”.

    Recess privileges have been revoked for all of us, because a few kids can not, or will not…

    Behave cooperatively.

    It does not matter what side of the room you are on, the view is the same.

    Overwhelm, powerlessness, fear and frustration.

    America 2020. And anger is erupting across the nation.

    Keeping us divided.


    It is a message of threat perceived, of a boundary crossed.

    It gives us the energy to respond to the threat.

    It’s what we do with that energy that defines us.

    Being the change you want to see in the world means you have to harness that energy, and direct it towards what you CAN do.

    We encourage assertiveness over aggression.

    To encourage effective channeling of the anxiety, frustration and anger so many of us are experiencing right now, our FREE monthly Meet Up is “Anger Management: Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

    We will be sharing a hypnotic meditation from our affiliate “Keep a Cool Head”, a foundational piece from our affiliates’ “10 Steps to Absolute Assertiveness”.

    “Absolute Assertiveness” is 50% off during the pandemic, making it extremely affordable-cheaper than a live session! With hypnosis titles like “Setting Boundaries”, “Saying “No””, “Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority” “Overcome Fear of Conflict” and more.

    We are going into the 15th week of our FREE COVID19 Support Group, on-line every Thursday from 9:30-11am. This is an open, “drop-in” group for anyone who just wants to connect and participate in some hypnotic meditations to help manage their experience during this unprecedented event in our history.

    As a FREE gift (not even an email address required!); here is a link to a FEAR REDUCTION hypnotic meditation from a recent Support Group Session. Hope it helps you have a better day.

    Please remember, We have more in common than what divides us. You matter and you can change the world for the better, it’s starts with you.

    Stay well, Tamera
  • Season of Hope-TBHT December 2020 Newsletter

    I was brought to tears of joy Thanksgiving Morning, by the connection, resiliency, sharing and kindness of our COVID Support Group, now in 36th week.

    There ARE wonderful people in this world, and thanks to the pandemic and technology, we have had the privilege of getting to know some amazing new people through this little bubble of self-care we host every Thursday. (You can join us here-

    For me, the group reinforces my belief that for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to face it; hidden within all fear and darkness are opportunities for re-assessments, change and growth-2020 has been no exception.

    And 2021 finds us stepping into a world forever changed, and actively changing still. We could stay stuck in fear…OR we could come to it with something more resourceful.

    Let’s meet it full of HOPE, shall we?

    To make that easy, and to celebrate the “Season of Hope”, our FREE Meetup for December is “Hope-nosis; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

    Be someone else’s reason to believe in the goodness of others this season. 2020 has been especially hard and many among us are short on hope right now. We offer the friendly reminder that having enough to share is a privilege, not a chore, the gift of sharing is as priceless to the giver as to the receiver.

    In addition to our FREE dose of Hope at the Meetup, our gift to you this month is our FREE “A Trance to Enhance Gratitude”, re-recorded at last month’s Meetup. Send a note to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the link.

    The GIFT of CHANGE; If the holidays are stressing you out, or if you are looking for a REALLY UNIQUE gift for the holidays, our affiliate offers over 1200 titles of “straight up” hypnosis audio downloads, most less than 15.00! You can explore all of them, starting with the 100 most popular titles here

    And lastly-we are offering Gift Certificates and 100.00 SINGLE Accelerated Stress Management sessions, ON-LINE, until the end of the year. That’s 2 hours with Tamera and a custom recording; the gift of change indeed! Just drop us an email via the website to purchase,

    Thank you for being a part of our community this year. Wishing you all Peace this winter holiday and Hope for the New Year.

  • Time for a Change-TBHT Newsletter, September 2021

    “Tick tock”.

    The clock is always moving forward, and each of us born with only so much of it given to us.

    COVID is a part of our experience, and while it has not halted time, it has definitely altered the way we spend it.

    As a MindArtist said our most recent COVID support zoom call, “ It’s like the movie GroundHogs Day”, where we seem to just keep repeating the same day over and over.

    It certainly feels that way in my office, as I am spending much more time there than I am at home.

    As you might expect, there is an unprecedented surge of stress, anxiety, loss and grief, “stuckness”, fear and (it’s wicked twin) anger. It is such an honor to help people find, and hold, their center again.

    There is also an unprecedented surge of people who are embracing this time as a motivation to do things they have been “putting off” in their lives. It is an honor to be a catalyst and a witness to such empowered change.

    Because, well…

    “Tick tock”…

    Time is still passing, COVID or not, and you only have so much of it.

    How do you want to spend it?

    Our FREE September Meetup might help you make the most of the time you have. “ Better Time Management”, is on-line Thursday, September 9th, 7-8:30pm. Donations/testimonials welcomed.

    Our affiliate offers over 1200 “straight up” hypnosis downloads, to include titles that enhance other personal, academic or professional goals, and for as little as 15.00! Always worth a try first, and a great gift, click anywhere on the list of the top 100 titles and explore!

    I know some of you who are more medically vulnerable, may feel a need to reduce your social activities again in our current COVID surge. Please take good care of yourselves and know, that you are welcome to join us for some self-care through a little connection, and a stress management trance, at our next COVID Support Zoom call. Thursday, September 16th, 9:30-11am. Free/ donations/testimonials welcomed.

    We are also starting a new workbook, “The Friendship Formula” by Kyler Shumway. “Say Goodbye to Loneliness and Discover Deeper Connection”. Begins Wednesday, September 22nd, 7-8:30pm. Suggested donation of 10.00 per meeting/ testimonials welcomed.

    And as always, even though the office is busy, I am available for FREE half-hour phone consultations to talk about any specific challenges you may have or change work you may want to do.

    Please, we are all going through this together, let’s be kind to one another.

  • Words Matter: TBHT Newsletter-October 2021

    “Abracadabra”, a word associated with magic, is said to be of very ancient origins, and is loosely interpreted as meaning, “I create what I speak”.

    And we do, the words we use, those words that go through your mind and lips over and over again, both reflect and create your reality.

    Of course, the magic of words, the magic of language as a whole, play a big part in the hypnotic arts and therapeutic conversations.

    One of the most powerful words in your repertoire, is also the simplest.


    “The Power of YES; Hypnosis and Life Mastery” is our next FREE community Meetup. On-line, join us for a discussion and a trance to enhance your use of this magical word! Thursday, October 14th, 7pm.

    Mark your calendars, as we will explore the power of “NO” in our November Meetup on “Resisting Holiday Temptations”. November 11, on-line.

    Speaking of the upcoming holidays, if you are looking for a really unique gift, for yourself or someone you love, why not explore that “word magic” of a “ straight up” hypnosis audio download. Our affiliate offers over 1200 titles addressing everything, from addiction to zits at very affordable (cheap) prices. Click on any one of our Top 100 audios to access the whole catalogue.

    There are hundreds of titles there for stress management alone, and based on the surging volume in my office, would be a welcome gift indeed.

    To help with stress, we are still offering the COVID Support Group on a monthly basis, our last meeting included a trance to enhance “Acceptance”. The next FREE gathering, on-line, is Thursday October 21st, 9:30am.

    And of course, I am always open to scheduling a FREE half hour phone consultation. Just reach out to me at

    With just a tease of fall in the air you can know that change is coming, it always is. May your change be something you feel excited, empowered and enthusiastic about.

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