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Bruno, my rescue pit-mix, really enjoyed having me home during the pandemic.

As I returned to the office, he let me know, in his own doggy way, that he was lonely.

So, we rescued a kitten, Loki.

From the moment he arrived on this planet, Loki has felt safe. The result is a kitten that is quick to explore, engage and be vulnerable ( e.g. he gives everyone access to his fuzzy belly).

And that is good because Bruno takes persistence, and really being “ in- tune”, if you want to be Bruno’s friend.

Unlike Loki, Bruno’s puppyhood was not someplace he felt safe.

While much improved after years with me, he remains hyper-vigilant, with many “ triggers” and “walls”, he goes into fight/flight quickly.Unfortunately, his own fear is in the way of his getting more friends, love and attention, the very things he lives for!

It sure would be easier if Bruno could choose to change,….but of course, he is a dog.

You though, CAN CHOOSE to CHANGE.

Are you more like Loki, more like Bruno, or somewhere in between? Are you satisfied with your current way of interacting with others? The quantity and quality of your relationships?

As we cautiously and responsibly emerge from the pandemic, we are re-engaging one another again in the real world. It is a great time to offer our “More Social Confidence; Hypnosis and Life Mastery” presentation. Join us for our FREE, ON-LINE Monthly Meetup, May 13th, 7pm. https://www.meetup.com/TampaBayHypnotherapy-Community-Group/

Maybe you know exactly what your interpersonal skill challenges are. Our affiliate offers 100s of affordable hypnosis audio downloads to improve specific skills at an “unconscious”, automatic level. I encourage you to start your exploration from my site and see if there is something you might find useful among their titles. What if your changes could be that easy? https://www.tampabayhypnotherapy.com/help-yourself/hypnosis-audio-downloads

The pandemic has created its own social fears and isolation. If you are looking for a way to take care of yourself through connection, you are welcome to join us for our FREE, On-Line COVID Support Group, held every Thursday at 9:30am. IF you like us on Facebook, you will get a weekly reminder. https://www.facebook.com/TBHypnoTherapy

“Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini will be our summer read in our “TBHT Bookclub: Words that Change Your Life”. On-line, donation based, we begin June 2nd. Join our Meetup Group https://www.tampabayhypnotherapy.com

Fully vaccinated, I am back in my office, and back out in the world, with an appropriate level of caution.

Hope to see you all out there again soon.

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