• FREE Meet Up “Hypnosis and Health; Joe Dispenza’s “You are the Placebo”-October 2016

    An exploration, and the practical application, of how the mind can heal the body, is a perfect subject for a hypnosis meetup. Dr. Dispenza is coming to Tampa in , 2017. We will discuss his book, mind-body healing as a whole, and share some of his work.

    We do not work with Dr. Dispenza, nor receive any benefit from putting this out for a discussion, it's just a part of sharing the "good news"-YOU CAN HEAL.

    Here is a link to Dr. Dispenza's website if you are interested in learning more for yourself, BUT IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. https://www.drjoedispenza.com/

    And here's the link to join us for a community discussion and experience through our Meet-Up site
  • An Introduction to Hypnosis-Free Educational Group

    This FREE educational group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of alternating months and is open to the public and INTENDED FOR PEOPLE NEW TO EXPLORING HYPNOSIS.

    Hypnotic approaches have been used to promote health and healing across cultures and for thousands of years. Yet myths and misconceptions about Hypnosis abound in popular culture. It is the purpose of this group to provide accurate information about hypnosis, answer questions you might have, and provide an introductory experience to trance work.

    Unresolved emotional, psychological and even physical discomfort not satisfactorily addressed by traditional approaches may benefit from the "change in mind and heart" that hypnosis offers. Come learn more about the history, techniques, approaches and data supporting the use of hypnosis in the clinical and medical arena, and why more and more major medical centers are incorporating hypnosis into their work. Is it right for you? An optional guided imagery exercise is offered at the end of each presentation.

    Please check our schedule at Meet Up for the next presentation. You can register there or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Changing Bad Habits with Hypnosis-September Newsletter

    Dick boasted while he ate a large slice of cake- “I didn’t need hypnosis to quit smoking, I quit through shear will power!”


    Now his “will power” may have stopped the smoking habit but apparently Dick had picked up another habit-eating!  For that matter, his finger nails were looking like what he fed on, when food was not available. To give Dick’s “will power” credit, that was some mighty powerful change but perhaps, not in the ways Dick had thought.

    It was immediately clear that he had a very determined mind; determined to CHANGE THE WAY HE FELT-SOMEHOW. That same determined mind was completely capable of ignoring the obvious, namely the 50 extra pounds he was carrying around his midline and the connection between all of this and having stopped smoking. Talk about some powerful Self-Hypnosis!

    Habits-whether thoughts, feelings and/ or behaviors- are not necessarily good or bad, they are just useful or not useful. You are your habits.


    And habits do change-think about it, you have been changing habits your whole life!


    And they change quickly, and easily, when your unconsciously held beliefs and values are in line with your consciously held goals. BUT when the unconscious has another agenda... well, “will power” alone is often not enough or ignores the deeper needs the habit was intended to address.

  • Changing Seasons-Tampa Bay Hypno-Therapy Newsletter, September 2018

    Yet another couple has come through my office...their marriage falling apart...over politics. This has actually become so common, I am not the first to write of it.

    One might be inclined to say that politics was just a metaphor for the real problem in this marriage but that would deny that we are living in very highly charged times politically, economically and emotionally.

    Friends, families, the fabric of our community seems to be dividing into polar opposites; civility and rational discussions jettisoned as values collide in households and communities across the nation.

    For we students of the ART of INFLUENCE, there is a lot to study about our country’s current state. Fear is a powerful motivator, but in activating the fight or flight response, it results in more irrational thinking and greater openness to suggestion.

    Just want to encourage you all to VOTE.

    To VOTE INFORMED, and not “Influenced”.

    To VOTE WITH the COURAGE of your convictions, and not your fears.

    I found the League of Women Voter’s to have been helpful: https://vote.lwvspa.org

    Elections aside, and just in time for Halloween, our FREE Meetup for October is on “Overcoming Fear: Hypnosis and Life Mastery” with a special guest speaker, our fellow Mind Artist and CCHt, Ashley Caputo is leading!

    Our November presentation is our annual holiday encore “Weight Management through the Holidays: Hypnosis and Health”.

    Fear is but one of the emotions we must master, if we are to master our relationships, lives and even the fate of this great country. Anger, guilt, jealousy, shame, resentment…even love, kindness and compassion…our hypnotic download affiliate has oodles of recordings to facilitate “Emotional Intelligence”, too many to list. Check them out by clicking here!

    The Hypnosis Education Association of Florida is lining up for our November 9-11th Conference in Orlando. Will Horton is on deck, for 2 presentations and he will be offering a separate 2 day post conference course on working with addictions using hypnosis. Anyone with an interest in the hypnotic arts can attend. Stayed tuned for official announcements at www.heahypnosis.com

    Hope you all make time to enjoy the season change wherever you are…


  • FEAR Reduction with Hypnosis-FREE HYPNOSIS MEET UP-October 2015

    October 8th, 7-8:30pm

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    http://www.meetup.com/TampaBayHypnotherapy-Community-Group/events/225264960/ https://www.facebook.com/events/531262743698039/

    It’s “BOO” time again! Are you the person that will be seeking the adrenaline rush of haunted houses this time of year? Or are you the person that lives with enough anxiety, worry and fear to last you all year long?

    In truth- WE ALL HAVE FEARS; “Fear is not the enemy”. The question is to what degree do they dictate the experiences of our lives. We are going to discuss the origins of fear and anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. We will explore several techniques for reducing fear responses and participants are encouraged to share their own with the group! Our trance for the evening will offer generalized suggestions for reducing general anxiety.

  • FREE August Meet UP Hypnosis and Life Mastery: Values Clarification to Manifest A Life Worth Living.

    In the hypnotic arts we KNOW that the real power of manifesting begins with clarity about what you want, but is exponentially fueled by knowing “why” you what you want.

    The “whys” are a powerfully motivating force and some of the most powerful “whys” are your Values. When you are living in accordance with those values, you feel congruent, whole, complete...Life Feels Worth Living, no matter your circumstances or outcomes.

    Values remain largely “unexamined”, and because they run deep throughout the unconscious, coloring everything we perceive, we act automatically to them, whether they are serving us or not.

    By special request, our presentation tonight will discuss and demonstrate hypnotic strategies for exploring your more deeply held values, and tapping into the power of chosen values to Manifest more of what you most deeply want.

    Register at our Meet Up site or on our FaceBook page!

    Thursday, August 11th, 2016

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    222 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg, Fl

  • FREE Hypnosis Meet Up-January 2017 “Hypnosis and Life Mastery: Resolutions that Work!”

    January 12th, Acupuncture and herbal Therapies

    It’s New Year Resolution time again and most of us already know that "resolution making" is the easy part of change. Deciding what you want (what you resolve to do) is important, clarity about your goals is Step #1 in making any change.

    Step #2-Implementing those resolutions in a way that can be maintained, without a lot of suffering, that is the "hard part".

    But change can be easy, resolutions can be met, when you have the right tools. We will share some tips on making changes that work,  by "hacking" your unconscious with techniques from the  hypnotic arts and offer a trance to support such changes...

    Join us! You can register here!
  • FREE Hypnosis Meet Up-Radical Self-Love; Hypnosis and Life Mastery

    Thursday, February 9, 2017
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies
222 2nd St N, St Petersburg, FL

    It’s February- the month of celebrating LOVE - of Valentine’s, and we are inviting YOU to RENEW YOUR LOVE AFFAIR- with yourself!


    It is said we cannot love others until we love ourselves first and we will have an open discussion about the subject. Barriers to self-love will be presented, as well as simple strategies to becoming “better friends” with ourselves. The evening’s trancework is intended to positively strengthen that relationship.

    Join us by registering at Meet Up site.
  • FREE Hypnosis Meet Up: “Hypnosis and Life Mastery: “The Precious Present and the Power of a Story”

    FREE: December 8th, 7-8:30pm

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies, 222 2nd Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida

    "Once upon a time..." may be the best hypnotic induction ever! Many of our Winter Holidays are built on historic stories of hope and redemption that offer encouragement through the long, cold nights. We will discuss the power of stories on our unconscious mind. Our trance for the evening will involve a story by Dr. Spencer Johnson that is intended to enhance your mindful appreciation of whatever holiday activities you have scheduled this season.

    Register at Meet Up

  • FREE HYPNOSIS MEETUP-Weight Management through the Holidays with Hypnosis-November 2015

    November 12th, 7-8:30pm

    Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    Register at our Meet Up Group

    or at Face Book page.

    or visit our blog

    Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving and Christmas-Oh my! The "Season of Eating" is about to begin but you do not have to feel out of control, guilty or anything other than joyful. Tamera is going to present some hypnotic, meditative and NLP approaches to help curb your appetite, despite all the temptations of the season. The evening’s trance will reinforce your goals around food at holidays gatherings. A copy of the evening’s trance will be available for free to participants only.

  • FREE TRANCE-Mindful Gratitude

    FREE “A TRANCE TO ENHANCE MINDFUL GRATITUDE”: have a more joyful Thanksgiving, our gift of gratitude to you.

    DO NOT USE while DRIVING a vehicle or OPERATING DANGEROUS Machinery-it is intended to cause states of relaxation that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention. DO NOT USE if you are epileptic, have a serious mental disorder, brain injury or other serious medical condition, without medical supervision. Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any problems with the recording.

    Gratitude Download
  • FREE-An Introduction to Self Hypnosis-Safety Harbor Public Library-January 2016

    Self-Hypnosis for Stress Management and Personal Change: An Introduction

    Saturday, January 16th, 2016


    Safety Harbor Public Library

    101 2nd Street North

    Safety Harbor, FL 34695



    Hypnosis is a subject with a long history full of mystery, mystic and misconceptions but the truth is, it is happening all around you everyday and it has been around a long time because it works! In this free community presentation, you learn more about the history of hypnosis, distinguish the “hype” from the reality, and learn what you can do with this marvelous tool for change. Whether you want a more focused, emotionally grounded state-of-mind on command, or are interested in using it for personal change with your unwanted habits, thoughts, or feelings, we will learn specific steps to using hypnosis for yourself, developing effective hypnotic suggestions, and have opportunities for hypnotic experiences to get you started!

  • FREE-March 2016-Hypnosis and Social Anxiety- A Confidence Trance

    Lots of people have some degree of social anxiety, that uncomfortableness we feel when faced with new people and new situations. We will discuss some of the challenges but more importantly, share some ways to overcome social anxiety through traditional and hypnotic approaches. If all goes well, we will have 2 exercises, a pre and post, to demonstrate the power of focused awareness, accessing resource states to create instant rapport with others.

    Send us an email through our "Contact" button on this site or register atMeet Up

    Thursday, March 10th, 7-8:30pm at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. 222 2nd Street North St. Petersburg, Fl

  • FREE: Hypnosis and Health: Weight Management through the Holidays

    Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving and Christmas-Oh my! The "Season of Eating" is about to begin but you do not have to feel out of control, guilty or anything other than joyful. Tamera is going to present some hypnotic, meditative and NLP approaches to help curb your appetite, despite all the temptations of the season. The evening’s trance will reinforce your goals around food at holidays gatherings. A copy of the evening’s trance will be available for free to participants only.

    Register at our Meet Up Site!
  • Healthy IS Wealthy-Tampa bay Hypnotherapy Newsletter-August 2018

    I received a priceless birthday present this summer, a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH at my annual physical!

    Here is an investment tip, one that is guaranteed to return uncountable riches in your years ahead...

    Invest in your health, NOW.

    Healthy IS wealthy. We are living longer, but the issue is, what will be the QUALITY of those years?

    Your body deserves at least as much attention as your bank account, because how you treat it effects everything ahead of you, including your finances.

    And hypnosis is a marvelous tool for investing in your health!

    From managing stress, changing health related behaviors, managing symptoms- even pain, promoting healing and reversing “dis-ease”. Our FREE HYPNOSIS Meet UP this month focuses on the Medical Applications of Hypnosis.

    Our Hypnosis Download Affiliate offers at least 50 health related hypnotic programs, from Acid Reflux to Warts, at stunningly low prices.

    Ladies only-Wake up your “Goddess Within”, come take her out for a wild and enlightening ride with us to playful, pleasure centered life that is much more fun, and much more powerful than you may have known before. Come learn what the buzz is about. We are offering the Goddess Salon Orientation on the 14th.

    The Hypnosis Education Association of Florida is seeking presenters for it’s November 9-11th Conference in Orlando. Send proposals to the HEA

    Come on you hypnotists! Be a part of a growing hypnosis community and make plans to join us at the November Conference!

    Registration is now open for our FREE September Meet Up “Laws of the Mind; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

    Hoping your summer has been priceless as well…

    This month's newletter is dedicated to Richard Thor Alday, my first “hypnotic duet” partner. Too soon. RIP

  • Hope-Nosis: TBHT Newsletter 2019


    A new day.

    Gentle shifting light, wrapped in so many hues of golds and reds and blues.. Never exactly the same as any yesterday. Always a bit of a surprise...alive and changing from second to second.

    Songbirds break the predawn silence, like choir angels, and begin their musical homage to the birth of TODAY...no one tells them to. It’s a innate, unconscious feeling...because, at its purest essence;

    The dawn is a feeling...and nature understands. A new day. A “candle in the dark” feeling.

    An unfolding of POSSIBILITIES, of RENEWAL,

    HOPE, is inherent in the sun’s rising everyday, if you are paying attention.

    And you do get what you focus on.

    Of course, HOW YOU FEEL about the dawn, is more about you, than the dawn itself. If you find the dawn leaves you a bit “bah humbug”, maybe we can help.

    Upcoming Events; Ready or not, the “Season of Hope” is upon us and so, We will be sharing a “Trance to Enhance” your sense of hope, optimism and stress management for the holidays at our next Free Meetup “Hope-nosis; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”. https://www.meetup.com/TampaBayHypnotherapy-Community-Group/events/264005214/

    Stayed tuned for our annual “intention setting” in January, and a very special guest presentation in February about speaking loving to our embodied self.

    Hope and change are not easily gift wrapped but if they could be, it would be in the form of gift certificates for hypnosis with Tamera! Our holiday season offerings include gift certificates for 3 session packages...100.00 OFF, 3 individual sessions for 300.00! A REALLY UNIQUE GIFT idea for yourself to start the year off right, or for someone you love. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase.

    Our featured hypnosis recording this month is “Overcome a Stressful Christmas”. Transform a stressful Christmas into a relaxed one. Survive the festive season using relaxing hypnosis. https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/stress-management/stressful-christmas

    FREE “Joyful Season of Eating, Weight Management and Hypnosis” the class and trance from our last meet up is now available...just send us a note for the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Thank you for being part of our community this year. You are the inspiration. YOU ARE HOPE.

    Wishing all of you well for the 2019 Winter Season, whatever your faith, metaphors or traditions and a beautiful beginning to 2020.

  • Hypnosis and Stress Management: Embracing Change-FREE September Meet Up

    Thursday, September 8th, 7-8:30pm, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies

    Benjamin Franklin, said in a 1789 letter that “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” These days, it seems death and taxes, and even the constitution itself are all subject to change.

    In fact, CHANGE is really one of the few things that IS CERTAIN. A function of entropy...Whether it comes to find you, or you go out to seek it, change is going to happen. The CERTAIN problem with CHANGE of course, is that it creates UNCERTAINTY and UNCERTAINTY CREATES STRESS.

    Join us for a discussion about managing and growing through times of change. Our trance for the evening will focus on releasing outdated beliefs  about “change” and sowing a few more resourceful seeds along the way.

    You can register for this free community workshop at our Facebookor directly through Meet Up.

  • Hypnosis and Your Health-Exploring the Mind-Body Connection. FREE May Meet Up

    Trance states have been long been used to promote health and healing. The Placebo effect is real, well documented, and speaks clearly to the power of the mind to effect the body. We will explore, experientially, how the mind and body work together to create states of health, or states of dis-ease. We will discuss how hypnosis/trance can help in the road to healing, chronic disease management, chronic pain control and enhanced wellness! And of course, we will have an optional “Trance to Enhance-Healing”.

    To register, send us an email through the "Contact Us" button on this site or join us on Meet Up!
  • Hypnotic Hugs-TBHT Newsletter, May 2020


    Hugs appear to be the thing a lot of us are missing most right now. To be in real, physical, dynamic interaction with others.

    Virtual connections, may be better than nothing but certainly are missing “something”.At the end of the day, this virtual experience is leaving us exhaustedand “hungry” for something "more"...

    I trust you have been feeding yourself something useful.I trust you all are taking very good care of yourselves, your tribe, and your neighbors.And if you have not, I hope you start today.

    There are so many things to be learned in this Pandemic,Not the least of which,is how interconnected and interdependent we are. How much we really need one another,to thrive.

    So, to address both the need for community and for the physical, we are delighted to share a very special Guest for our FREE May Meetup. Please join us, on-line, as Robyn Fehnel leads us through an experiment in ‘Non-Linear Movement”, a kind of body “trance” for releasing and renewing your soul. Thursday, May , 7-8:30."An Evening of Somatic Healing and Movement, with Special Guest-Robyn Augusta"

    Our FREE On-Line "COVID 19 SUPPORT GROUP" continues to meet on Thursday mornings. Great self care; we catch up a little, chat about something relevant to this ever changing experience, and do a little trance work to support whatever goals come up. Drop in, there is no obligation or agenda. With so many unknowns, lots of us are full of worry. Our affiliate offers a hypnotic trance to “Worry Less” which you may find useful. https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/thinking-skills/stop-worrying?6081!top100

    FREE: I had an opportunity to speak on the use of anchor breathing, stress management and better sleep during the pandemic on “Shrink Chat”. The amazing women that produce this program have lots of wisdom to share in this clip, and many others. http://shrinkschat.libsyn.com/shrinkschat-16-coping-with-coronavirus-stress

    FREE: We captured a beautiful stress management trance at our April Meet Up, “Embracing Change”. Https://www.tampabayhypnotherapy.com/audiofiles/ATrancetoEnhance/EmbracingChange.m4a

    As we prepare to reopen parts of our community and country, I remind you all to be honest to your own life’s circumstances as you decide when and where you engage publicly again. To that end, my office will continue to be closed until I can get Lysol and I am officially announcing that I will continue the discounting of sessions 50% for on-line virtual sessions through the end of May.

    Getting through each day is really enough but if you find it’s time for a change, now is a good time.If you are experiencing any excessive anxiety, we can probably help.

    FIRST LINE RESPONDERS, I am offering free recordings and support sessions for you, WE NEED YOU.

    Reach out to us to schedule a FREE Consultation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Stay Well.

  • July 2016- Tampa Bay HypnoTherapy Newsletter-Upcoming Events

    A Calmer YOU

    Did you know, you were born with only 2 innate fears-a fear of heights and a fear of loud noises? And while research seems to show that we may have a genetic tendency to learn some fears more quickly (for example, snakes!), the fact is ALL OTHER FEARS ARE LEARNED. If those fears are working for you, that’s great (for example, my life IS better with a healthy respect for snakes!)

    But if it feels like your fears are working against you, if parts of your life trigger you into uncomfortable storms of emotion know this: YOU CAN RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO STATES OF CALM. In the hypnotic arts, we call these “Resource States” and you can learn to “trigger” them, at will, with just a little effort.

    We share some strategies for creating more emotional control in this month’s FREE Meetup, “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. In our July Goddess Salon, we will be discussing a whole different kind of “Resource State”. Lastly, we are still registering for the August presentations of “Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day Training” and our bi-monthly “Introduction to Hypnosis”, a great space for people new to hypnosis, or to us, to learn more without any obligations.

    May you all be “in-joying” a safe and memorable summer...live it like you will have to give a report on the first day of school, and make it a good story!

    FREE: “Hypnosis and Stress Management: 10 seconds to a CALMER YOU!”. Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. That’s right, a CALMER YOU, imagine the possibilities....https://www.facebook.com/events/1552581848380549/

    Our August presentation, by special request of a special Meet Up MindArtist will be: Hypnosis and Life Mastery: Values Clarification to Manifest A Life Worth Living.

    FREE: June 21st, An Introduction to Hypnosis. TouchStone Studios. For people new to hypnosis or Tampa Bay Hypnotherapy. http://www.meetup.com/TampaBayHypnotherapy-Community-Group/events/232314240/

    $5.00: June 29th, “The Goddess Salon”, Classical Medicine. https://www.tampabayhypnotherapy.com/help-yourself/hypnotherapy-blog/106-announcing-the-goddess-salon-march-23rd-2016

    Best $100.00 you’ll spend this year: August 20th 9-4pm, Master Mind Training: Self-Hypnosis; Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind-1 Day TouchStone Studios. http://www.meetup.com/TampaBayHypnotherapy-Community-Group/events/231311837/

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