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Welcome and I am glad you are here! You are about to embark on a wonderful journey of learning, self discovery and empowerment that could very well change the way you handle the challenges of life in a most positive way.

This is an educational and experiential community group, not a clinical group, and so no other notes or information will be collected regarding your participation.

Tamera L. Fontenot is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida (MH-00005372) operating a private counseling and hypnotherapy practice in Pinellas County, Florida. She offers counseling and hypnotherapy sessions for groups and individuals, as well as training and community education groups such as this one. She is committed to operating in accordance with all of the best practices of her profession, and within all of the laws of the State of Florida. Please be advised, communication in this group is considered confidential, although Tamera Fontenot is by law, a mandatory reporter if abuse or neglect of vulnerable person is disclosed. Also please note, that while participants are instructed about the confidentiality of group disclosures, no guarantee can be made about the behavior of other participants outside of the group setting. The information you provide is confidential and will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of this group. Confidentiality while video conferencing is even less secure.

While it is not the intention, or even the usual outcome of this meeting- It is important to note, that given the nature of this material, you may experience some uncomfortable feelings or thoughts, you may even elect to make some changes in your life; Tamera L. Fontenot is not responsible for such acts on your part. Please feel free to consult privately with Ms. Fontenot, or her staff, if you have any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, and please know that you may freely leave the group at any time.

This group does involve the use of hypnotic techniques, the goal of which are to access and utilize the power of a participant’s own inner resources to address their goals of changing behavior, thoughts and feelings. The group goals are to achieve freedom from restrictive thought and belief systems, to assist is solving personal problems, developing motivation and achieving goals. If you have any significant physical or mental health diagnosis that for which these processes might be contraindicated-it is your responsibility to consult with Tamera Fontenot before proceeding. Nothing about this presentation is meant to diagnose or treat a mental or physical disorder.

These sessions may be recorded for educational purposes and sharing of trance work with people who were unable to attend. Pictures may be taken during presentations and used for media communication about this event without further release from the attendees.

I have read and understand the above information and agree to the terms of participation.

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