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It’s the first “ Law of the mind”, you get what you focus on.

Simone Biles, “the greatest gymnast ever”, knows this, which is why she took the bold position of stepping down from the Olympic competitions this summer.

She recognized she was not in the right “mindset”, that her focus was not where it should be and that it would effect her performance. The meticulous “flow” state that is required to do what she does would be thrown off by that unconscious thought/feeling. Most athletes and other performers understand but not everyone would have had the courage to step away.

What makes her choice exceptional, is that Biles acted on her own personal and professional best interest, rather than what the rest of the world expected of her.

She demonstrated BOUNDARIES, something a lot of us struggle with in our local social circles, much less on a world wide scale.

If you find it hard to say “no”, if you are a people pleaser, or know that you agree with others just to avoid conflict, maybe you could take a lesson from Simone Biles. Because your beautiful creative unconscious can do it; before you “give in” next time, you might ask “What would Simone Biles do right now…?”

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Wishing you all a safe and sane transition from summer vacation to the routines of the school year. Please, let kindness be our focus today.

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