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Ironic isn't it, that the only real constant in the universe,the only thing we can absolutely 100% know for certain...is that things change.

Change is always happening.

I am particularly struck by how MUCH CHANGE HAPPENS and how CHANGE HAPPENS FAST.

As we enter a second "pandemic saturated" holiday season, the metaphor of the pandemic as a TIDAL WAVE-like disaster that touches everything and everyone, still applies. It is a very useful metaphor...

This pandemic slammed into our existing realities with great force, changing everything.

And, like water, is still seeping into every level of those realities. As the water recedes, we see/hear/feel a changed world. Uncertainty abounds, and uncertainty creates stress.

Change is STILL happening, very swift and very pervasive.

Sometimes it is obvious, very tangible (loss of income, loss of life...).Sometimes less direct, not so tangible, or obvious (loss of meaning, loss of confidence... )

If you find yourself stressed by it all, please know you are in good company. One pandemic related change has been the "de-stigmatization" of mental health because, as they say, “the pain is real”.

It is important YOU FIND WAYS TO RIDE the WAVES of CHANGE.

I encourage us all to start by:

  • Developing skills for managing your own emotional state, acknowledging the changes, avoid judging the changes, and simply lay out your best plan to ride the changes (toward a value driven destination).

To that end, let’s get your creative unconscious mind “on-board”!

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Wishing all of you peace and presence as we step into 2022. Tamera

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