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Does Size Matter? TBHT June 2019 Newsletter

My neighborhood is full of fierce chihuahuas that have no clue of what a 60 pound pit bull could do in reaction to their charging him, were it not for the owner’s tight grip on their leash.

Though my rescued pit, Bruno, aka “Buttercup”, has no concept of his own power either.

Because of his experiences as a pup, he is fearful of these 2.5 pound balls of furry fury, and avoids them at all cost. Which of course, only inspires the chihuahuas, which makes Bruno want to run even more…

Your beliefs do indeed, create your reality.

What realities are your beliefs creating?

Are those realities satisfying to you?

Deeply held beliefs about money are the subject of one of the largest arenas in the self-help industry and a frequent subject in our offices. It is very common for deeply held unconscious beliefs to contradict what the conscious minds hopes to achieve.

At this month’s FREE Meet Up we will explore how our specific beliefs about money are influencing our current financial realities, and we will do some trance work to help shift them. Join us for “ A Prosperity Mindset; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”.

If you already have an understanding of how beliefs influence your abundance, and simply want to get right to reprogramming those beliefs, you may want to skip all that talk. Our affiliates offer recordings to Manage your Money Better https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/hypnosis-packs/money-maximiser, Overcome a Fear of Money, https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/personal-finance/fear-of-money, and many more!g>

And of course, we offer custom recordings and are always happy to speak with you about that in a free half hour phone consultation. https://www.tampabayhypnotherapy.com/index.php

For all you Hypnosis related professionals, your chance is here to earn a little extra money by presenting at the Fall 2019 Hypnosis Education Association’s Orlando Conference (Nov 8-10). Email Tamera at tampabayhypnotherapy.com for details.

Drinking from the waterfalls of prosperity with gratitude. Safe travels to you all wherever your summer is taking you.

On the Road Again-May 2019 TBHT Newsletter

Long, sun kissed days, white powdery sand and the hypnotizing lull of gentle gulf waters, seagulls laughing… people from all over the world come to visit our shores for their holiday.

It is no accident that I live here. 8 years old, on summer vacation here with my family, and I declared I would return to these beaches and be on a “permanent vacation” when I grew up. Of course, this was a feeling I desired, more than a specific locale.

Where are you headed this summer?

More importantly, what are the feelings you want to have?

If you are in town, join us for our FREE May Hypnosis Meetup,“Destination Happy: Hypnosis and Life Mastery” May 9th. Feelings are really what the journey is all about, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE can carry you a very long way. Our featured Hypnosis Download this month is Use Hypnosis for Automatic Positive Thinking, to help “develop the habit of seeing the best in things and be more objective about set backs”.

The beach is calling…

Until next time, hope your summer gets off to a great start and safe travels!


"The Kindest Cut"-TBHT Newsletter-April 2019

“The kindest cut of all” is a saying in gardening. I was reminded of it while tending to my grapes: the fruit will not set on old stems but rather, requires a hard trim of the old growth, if the plant is to produce abundant fruit. In preparation for the rebirth that is spring, some old stuff had to go.

A quick google search will get you many other applications of this phrase, it is a “ripe” metaphor for “letting go” (pardon the pun).

Because there is a wisdom is releasing the old, in letting go of the things not serving you TODAY.

And you might be surprised at some of the old things that can quickly be released from your unconscious mind…

“The kindest cut of all”, makes room for something new, something intentional (rather than chance), and something abundant.

-Our FREE Meet Up in April is "A Spring Cleaning-the Value of Letting Go; Hypnosis and Life Mastery”“. Registration opens April 4th.

-For those interested, you can check out last month’s Meet Up presentation, FREE for 30 days: “Unstoppable Confidence vs the Inner Critic” Recordings here:



-TROUBLE SLEEPING? Daylight savings can really muck with one’s natural sleep cycles. Hypnosis is fabulous at retraining your mind to a better sleep pattern. Our featured affiliate’s Hypnosis Download for April is “The Insomnia Hypnosis-5pack”.

May your garden be in full bloom.

Springing Forward-March 2019 TBHT Newsletter

The spring yard is alive with all the rites of spring....quite a show indeed....the birds and the bees. The leaves in the trees budding bright green, while other snow pollen...and the butterflies try out new wings...Mother Nature is a confident force, always renewing, changing transforming and born new.... no matter what comes...

And you are a part of that nature,

Be your own “force of nature”...

FREE: Join us for “Unstoppable Confidence” vs the “Inner Critic”; Hypnosis and Life Mastery” our monthly monthly MeetUp for March at Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies.

DEEP: If you want to join us for a more in-depth conversation about any of the Meet Up material, you are always welcomed to join Tamera “for lunch” via video conferencing. $ 20.00 prepaid. Please check Meetup for dates and details.

FREE: Last month’s recordings from the radical self love meetup. It is not the same as being there, and we can’t always guarantee a good recording but if it useful to some who just could not attend…

Check out the talk or the trance, or both!

CHEAP: Hypnosis Audio Downloads on ON increasing your CONFIDENCE, across a huge variety of situations….per our affiliate,“For building self confidence, hypnosis is an invaluable tool. In hypnosis, you can 'step out' of your everyday way of thinking and feeling, and enter a world where you are just as confident as you want to be. And your unconscious mind will learn from this.”

DEEPER: “LifeForce Yoga Meditation Immersion for Mood” with Amy Weintraub, the founder of LifeForce Yoga and the author of Yoga Skills for Therapists and Yoga for Depression, will be offered in Tampa at the Lotus Pond, March 29-30th. Our own beautiful Ashley Caputo will be assisting. Learn more or register by contacing Ashley or LifeForce Yoga.

Keep blooming all you Mind Artists…until next month, Tamera

TBHT Newsletter-"Welcoming 2019"-January 2019

It’s that time of year again, full of good intentions, we start setting goals for the coming year, it’s resolutions time again!

Quick tip from a hypnotist on changing habits:

Your brain hates a vacuum, and you will get what you focus on….SO you will have more success in keeping resolutions if you find some new habit to replace the old habit with, that is equally rewarding. We have a few suggestions...

Hypnosis is really cool new habit, a tool, that can make keeping those resolutions easy.

Welcome to 2019! We are kicking it off with all kinds of new options to support any changes you would like to make!

We start by announcing two new affordable groups;

“Stop Smoking with Hypnosis”,250.00 for 2 sessions and reinforcement recordings and

“Virtual-Master Mind for Mind Artists” Coaching group.$20.00

Our FREE Meet Up this month will offer more tips, tools and trancework for making change easy and starting the New Year right, join us for “Manifesting 2019 with Hypnosis".

Friendly reminder that Up Hypnosis is hosting their FREE annual “World Hypnosis Day” event, benefiting a local Veteran’s Group and featuring the amazing Art Emrich, on Saturday, January 5th.

Got some bad habits you, or someone you love, want to change in 2019? What if could be as easy as listening to a recording? Our featured Hypnosis Download this month is anything in the “Bad Habits” series from Uncommon Knowledge. From nail biting to ice chewing, these folks cover them all and usually for less than 20.00!!

Remember, every job is made easier when you have the right tools…is hypnosis the right tool for you?

Holiday Specials 2018-TBHT December Newsletter

Happy Holidays to ALL you Wonderful MindArtists!

We trust your end of 2018 is going well, no matter your customs or beliefs about it.

People often say they wish we would all behave-all year long- with the same good will, gratitude, and generosity of spirit that accompanies the holidays. A lofty goal, it says something about us that at least once a year, our focus is heightened around these virtues and many others.

We want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for all of you. And offer you a few gifts to express this gratitude.

If you could not make the beautiful presentation by Julianne Rose on “Cultivating Joy” at our FREE Meet Up in December, please visit my facebook page where you will find videos of both the presentation and the trance completely FREE...If you like it, please give Julianne some love. https://www.facebook.com/tamerafontenothypnosis

If you are still looking for a really unique gift-we are offering a Single (2 hour) Custom Accelerated Stress Management Session Gift Certificate for 100.00 until January 4th. Anyone who has done one of these with Tamera knows this is a real treat and a real bargain. A custom recording is common. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase a gift certificate.

Mark your calendars, Saturday January 5th-The amazing Patricia Scott of UP Hypnosis is once again hosting a FREE World Hypnosis Day Event to benefit Veteran Organizations and offering Free sessions to Veterans! http://www.uphypnosis.com/world-hypnotism-day.html

Got some bad habits you, or someone you love, want to change in 2019? What if could be as easy as listening to a recording? Our featured Hypnosis Download this month is anything in the “Bad Habits” series from Uncommon Knowledge. From nail biting to ice chewing, these folks cover them all and usually for less than 20.00!! https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/bad-habits?6081!top100

2019 is just in front of us now, and we will be starting the New Year with a beautiful FREE Meet Up on “Manifesting 2019 with Hypnosis”, and a new Mastermind Coaching project using videoconferencing...stay tuned.

But in the meantime; again, thank you all for being a part of our tribe, a part of the flame that inspires us personally and professionally. Wishing you all, all the best.

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